Hero's Shrine

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Hero's Shrine is a location found in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and serves as the first dungeon.


The Hero's Shrine is located in Hometown Prairie just northwest of Port Town. In order to enter the dungeon, Tingle will first need to acquire the Fairy Doll and give it to Chiko. After doing so, Chiko will then ask Tingle to meet her at the Town Hero's Statue, which is the statue of Dazzle Lyphos.[1] When Tingle arrives and examines the statue, Chiko will pop out of it, mentioning she discovered the secret entrance on accident when playing with her doll.[2] Tingle will then be able to enter the statue, which leads underground to the Hero's Shrine.

In the entrance hall, Tingle will meet with Teddy Todo, who avoids him if he tries to talk to him. Tingle will need to step on the switch and give a total of 50 Rupees in order to gain entrance into the further rooms of the Hero's Shrine. In the initial rooms, Tingle will encounter some Dark Bats, but they are best avoided if possible as they are harmful to Tingle. Deeper in the dungeon, Tingle can catch up with Teddy Todo, and after paying him at least 20 Rupees, he can use him as a partner for the duration of the dungeon. Teddy Todo is much stronger and will make quick work of the Dark Bats, as well as Dark Nyuudou that are found later in the dungeon.

Together, Tingle and Teddy Todo will solve puzzles, mainly revolved around pressing switches down at the same time.

Within the dungeon, Tingle will find a Trick Chest, which he'll need to pay at least 50 rupees open, but inside, he'll find 200 rupees.



  1. Yippee!! My fairy! My fairy! You found my fairy! Thank you!! I'll show you something! Come to the town hero's statue! Come on! I'll go there first! I'll wait for you there!" - Chiko, Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
  2. I was playing with my fairy here the other day... She got a bit carried away and kicked the town hero... This came loose! Go through here and you can go under the ground! The Armourer said that there was something good under the ground... What can it be?! See you later!" - Chiko, Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland