Trick Chest

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Trick Chest

Trick Chests are objects found in Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.


A Trick Chest appears as a regular Treasure Chest until Tingle tries to open it. This will trigger a Negotiation, where Tingle will need to offer a certain amount of rupees in order to open the treasure chest. Unlike negotiations Tingle has with other characters, he is unable to exit these negotiations and must end up offering enough rupees.

It's possible for Tingle to not have enough rupees to open the chest. For example, the first Trick Chest in the Hero's Shrine requires Tingle to offer 50 Rupees. If Tingle only has 35 rupees with him, he won't be able to offer enough. So he'll need to offer a total of 34 rupees before the chest will allow him to exit with just 1 rupee remaining. The amounts that Tingle offers do not compound either, so if Tingle had 80 Rupees and needed to offer 50, but only offered 40, he would lose those rupees and would only be left with 40. Thus, he wouldn't be able to offer enough to actually open the chest.

If Tingle only has 1 rupees, he won't be able to enter a negotiation with a Trick Chest.