Rodai Lake

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Rodai Lake is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Rodai Lake is located just north of Lake Floria and northeast of the Floria Falls. There area is under perpetual thunderstorms until Link completes the A Song of Storms shrine quest, located at the Calora Lake to the southeast. Water from the Rodai Lake flows down the waterfall into the Floria Falls, eventually washing down into Lake Floria.

In the Lake, Link can find a number of Hyrule Bass and Hearty Bass swimming around. There is also an enemy Electric Wizzrobe in the area, who carries a Lightning Rod.

There is another body of water, just northeast of the Rodai Lake, at a higher elevation. At the top of this area, there are a trio of Hearty Durian trees growing and if Link matches the three, he will acquire a Korok Seed. Underneath this higher platform, there is a bombable wall and inside there are numerous Ore Deposits, as well as a Rare Ore Deposit hanging from the ceiling. Link can shoot a few Bomb Arrows towards the ceiling to collect all the goodies.

Throughout the Lake, there a number of treasure chests that Link can collect that have a variety of goods.

  • Purple Rupee - In the pond at the higher elevation, northeast of Rodei Lake.
  • Shock Arrows ×5 - At the north end of the lake.
  • Purple Rupee - Near the center of the Lake.
  • Arrows ×5 - In a wooden chest at the east side of the lake, under a metallic rock.
  • Shock Arrows ×5 - In a wooden chest at the east side of the lake, under a metallic rock.
  • Arrows ×5 - In a treasure chest on land, just east of the Lake, underneath a cracked boulder.
  • Purple Rupee - Behind a cracked wall south of the lake.
  • Topaz - On the rock located between the two waterfalls leading down to the Floria Falls.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Halfway down the northern waterfall there's a ledge with a rock. Pick up the rock.

Pick up the rock on the small ledge halfway down the waterfall.

At the top of this plateau are 3 durian trees. Pluck 2 Hearty Durians to make the west-most tree identical to the other 2 trees.

Remove fruit until the tree with too many matches the other two.