Rauru Hillside Cave

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Rauru Hillside Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The cave presents a menacing entrance made of planks and a skull on its front. Going into the cave presents two paths, with the northern one ending up at a dead end with a Like Like and three Ore Deposits. Taking the other path with a puddle of mud in which Link can't swim. On the north-eastern wall, next to the mud, is a wall of grey breakable rocks. If Link jumps in the shallow mud and is only in it for a brief moment, he can make it passed. After breaking the boulders, a Bubbulfrog, a Giant Brightbloom Seed and a Luminous Ore Deposit can be found.

Heading further into the cave after the mud reveals a larger cavern with four Horriblin inside, includine one Blue Horriblin. After Defeating them, a Treasure Chest can be accessed which is atop a wooden ledge, surrounded by the Horriblins loot. Two Ore Deposits and some Brightbloom Seeds. In this cavern is another big puddle of mud with a path behind it, leading into a cavern with a small lake inside and three Fairies around it, next to two Ore Deposits and one Rare Ore Deposit.


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