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Mazli is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mazli is a Rito guard who can be found patrolling the area right at the entrance of the village with his Feathered Spear. When Link approaches, he tells Link that he would normally show him around, but times aren't really good at the moment.[1] Normally the villagers are a bit more welcoming, but times are a bit tough. He encourages Link to talk to the villagers around town to hear more about what's going wrong in town.[2]

Although Link can ask Mazli himself, of which he references Divine Beast Vah Medoh, who can be seen flying up in the air. He mentions that some of the Rito warriors tried to fly up to check it out, but that they were shot down. He mentions that the Divine Beast use to protect the village, but now it is just dangerous, forcing Rito to fly at much lower elevations.[3]

Tears of the Kingdom

Mazli can be found along the path on the Rospro Pass, leading to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. He is standing just outside of the Rospro Pass Cave. The cave has since caved in and Mazli cannot get inside.[4]

Mazli comments that Tulin is with Gesane's group, at another cave. Link should be able to find the cave based on the large bonfire burning at the entrance.[5]

The Blocked Cave

Main article: The Blocked Cave

Mazli was scavenging for food at the Rospro Pass Cave before boulders collapsed and blocked the entrance. Mazli still has food inside the cave that he needs to haul out, but he can't get inside.[6] Mazli suggests using a Bomb Flower, but he doesn't have any with him. He does note that Bomb Flowers are frequently found within other caves in the area.[7] Mazli also suggests if he had something to break the rocks with he could get in, referring to a rock infused weapon.[8]

Link can use a rock-based weapon or a Bomb Flower to blast open the entrance. If using a Bomb Flower, be sure to keep your distance to avoid taking damage. Once the cave is open, Mazli will give Link a Red Rupee as a reward for helping him.[9] He will then head out to check if the food is still good, completing the side quest.[10] Inside, Mazli thanks Link again as the food source in the cave is still good.[11]

After the Blizzard

After the Blizzard has been cleared and after The Blocked Cave quest is completed, Mazli will return to Rito Village. Mazli can be found patroling the bridges near the entrance of Rito Village. He'll thank Link once again for helping him back at the cave, but then explains that his duties now are to assure the various bridges didn't receive any damage from the blizzard.[12] Mazli will walk up and down the three bridges, up towards the entrance of the village, saying that none of the other bridges look too seriously damaged.[13]



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