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Mazli is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Mazli is a Rito guard who can be found patrolling the area right at the entrance of the village with his Feathered Spear. When Link approaches, he tells Link that he would normally show him around, but times aren't really good at the moment.[1] Normally the villagers are a bit more welcoming, but times are a bit tough. He encourages Link to talk to the villagers around town to hear more about what's going wrong in town.[2]

Although Link can ask Mazli himself, of which he references Divine Beast Vah Medoh, who can be seen flying up in the air. He mentions that some of the Rito warriors tried to fly up to check it out, but that they were shot down. He mentions that the Divine Beast use to protect the village, but now it is just dangerous, forcing Rito to fly at much lower elevations.[3]


  1. Hmm? Are you a traveler? I'd like to show you around, but now's not really a good time. - Mazli
  2. This is Rito Village, but... Well, you could say we're not in a welcoming mood. Talk to the folks in the village to hear all about it. - Mazli
  3. Did you see the beast in the sky? That's Divine Beast Vah Medoh. It showed up a while back. The Rito warriors who flew up to check it out were shot down. They said it used to be a divine being that protected the village, but it doesn't seem very divine to me. Thankfully, the thing only shoots at anything flying high up above the village. But still... It is pretty demoralizing for us Rito to have to fly so low to the ground. - Mazli