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Douma is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Douma is a Hylian woman who can found at the fork in the road, near the mouth of Zora River. She self describes herself as a peddler and introduces herself to Link.[1][2] Douma could see Link talk to one of the nearby Zora's, of which she knows that Link was asked to visit Prince Sidon.[3]

Douma had gone ahead and met Prince Sidon and was creeped out by him. Sidon had told her that he was watching her and then asks what her name is. This caused Douma to run away and she encourages Link to strongly stay away from Prince Sidon.[4][5][6]


  1. Hey. It's kinda weird to see a Hylian around here. - Douma
  2. Me, I'm a peddler, so I'm free to go where the wind takes me. Or the waves. Or whatever. Yeaaah. Oh, let me introduce myself. I'm Douma. Nice to meetcha! In any case, I wanted to ask you somethin'... You just spoke to that Zora over there, yeah? - Douma
  3. And that Zora...told you to head toward Zora's Domain to meet Prince Sidon, that right? - Douma
  4. Yeah, I met that so-called Prince Sidon. Thing is...he ain't no good. First thing he says to me, he says... "I've been watching you!" and then he says, "What's your name?" Can you believe that heat? I don't need it! So I ran away from him and all that noise. Now here I am. So yeah... If you want to see a freak show, go visit that Prince Sidon. Though I doubt he'll go for you since you're not a looker like me. - Douma
  5. Hey, you... Are you heading to Zora's Domain. Since you've got a sword and stuff, you'll probably be fine. Just watch out for a creepy guy calling himself a prince. - Douma
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't head that way. I just came from there, and I ran into this shady guy calling himself a prince. This world we live in... - Douma