Akkala Citadel Ruins Cave

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Akkala Citadel Ruins Cave



Fused Weapon Guard's-Sword Stick
Fused Weapon Soldier's-Broadsword Spear
Bubbul Gem



Akkala Citadel Ruins Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Coming from the southwest across the Akkala Bridge Ruins you will find a monster entrance marking this cave on the southwest side of the Akkala Citadel Ruins stronghold. The cave soon splits, but both sides lead to the same place, and taking the upper left route will lead to a pair of Fire Chuchu, but will also give you the advantage of surprise on the Horriblin camp in the next room.

Defeating all of the enemies unlocks the treasure chest containing a Guard's-Sword Stick combining a Royal Guard's Sword on a long stick base. On the center higher platform there is another chest with a Soldier's-Broadsword Spear, which can scale up to a Soldier's-Broadsword Halberd depending on World Level.

From that higher center platform, look southeast to see a breakable section of wall. Break the rocks and go through to find the Bubbulfrog for this cave.

Using Ascend from the high center platform or the Bubbulfrog's cave takes you up to the northernmost ruined building on Akkala Citadel Summit.


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