Water Dragon's Scale

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This article is about the item from Skyward Sword. For Ruto's weapon from Hyrule Warriors, see Zora Scale (Hyrule Warriors).
Water Dragon's Scale




Allows Link to swim and perform a Spin Attack underwater


The Water Dragon's Scale is one of only a few of the Goddesses's sacred gifts, and appears in Skyward Sword.[1] Link can obtain this precious scale by completing the Silent Realm trial in the Faron Woods region. The Water Dragon's Scale allows him to swim freely underwater and perform spin attacks to defeat underwater enemies.[2][3] It is similar to the Zora Armor from Twilight Princess, but it does not protect Link from drowning. With the Water Dragon's Scale in his possession, the hero can reach previously unreachable underwater locations.[4] This scale is vital to have if Link wishes to reach Lake Floria, meet the Water Dragon, and to also further along the line gain access to Farore's Flame.[5]


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