Sacred Shield

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Sacred Shield
Official Artwork




500 Rupees


Blocking attacks


The Sacred Shield is a shield that appears exclusively in Skyward Sword. It can be purchased at the Gear Shop within the Bazaar of Skyloft, for a hefty 500 Rupees. It only becomes available once Link has defeated The Imprisoned for the first time.

The Sacred Shield's main selling point is the fact that it repairs itself upon being damaged, unlike the wooden and iron shields. However, it is more fragile than the aforementioned shields, needing a lot less damage to break. The Sacred Shield can block all sorts of attacks, ranging from fire to electricity.


Like the Wooden and Iron Shields, the Sacred Shield can be upgraded twice.

Divine Shield

Main article: Divine Shield

The first upgrade to the Sacred Shield is the Divine Shield. The Divine Shield has more durability than the Sacred Shield, and shares the ability of restoring itself after taking damage. The upgrade can be performed by Gondo at the Scrap Shop within the Bazaar. In order to do the upgrade, Link needs to collect three Ornamental Skulls, two Bird Feathers, one Dusk Relic, and 100 Rupees.

Goddess Shield

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The second, and final, upgrade to the Sacred Shield is the Goddess Shield. This shield is a lot more durable than the previous two, which, combined with its ability to restore itself, means that the likelihood of it ever breaking is extremely low. In order to perform this upgrade, Link needs to supply Gondo with four Dusk Relics, three Bird Feathers, three Monster Horns, one Blue Bird Feather, and 150 Rupees.