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Tasseren (Twin Brother)
Darton (Son)
Shibo (Son)

Rensa is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Rensa can be found standing at the front of the Dueling Peaks Stable. He is the identical younger twin brother of Tasseren, who works behind the counter and runs the stable. Rensa will welcome Link to the stable and speak about how lively things are here at the Dueling Peaks Stable.[1] Rensa can offer directions to Kakariko Village and he'll also talk about how the Sheikah clan who live there. He talks about how the Sheikah Clan had powerful techniques that put them at odds with the King.[2]

Rensa will also give Link directions to Hateno Village. He talks about the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and how its scientist, Purah, is often avoided by the towns residents. Hateno Village was largely unaffected by the events of Great Calamity.[3]

Wild Horses

Main article: Wild Horses

After speaking with Rensa initially, Link can speak with him once again and Rensa will tell him about Wild Horses. He repeatedly refers to himself as the man who got second place in the Hyrule Horse-Taming Competition, and challenges Link to beat his time. Link must capture a wild horse and bring it back to the stable in under two minutes.[4][5][6]

After successfully doing so, Rensa will be surprised, but will reward Link with a Purple Rupee.[7][8] If Link speaks with him again after this, he mentions that a man who can handle a horse has a leg up on the competition when it comes comes to the ladies.[9]

When talking with Rensa at any point, Link can ask Rensa for more information about Wild Horses. He instructs Link that if he tames one, he can talk to his brother Tasseren to register the horse at the stable. He also mentions that his two twin-sons, Darton and Shibo have a lot of knowledge about horses.[10] Even his two sons make reference to Rensa's second-place finish in the horse-taming competition.[11][12]


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  3. "Hateno Village is a village on the edge of Hyrule. It was largely unaffected by the events of the Great Calamity, so the people there are pretty easygoing. I hear they even have a research center... But the folks tend to avoid the weird scientist who lives there... Anyway, head north from here until you reach a fork in the road. Then go east and just follow the road. It's a little far if you walk it, but with a horse, you should get there in under a day!" — Rensa, Breath of the Wild
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