Mount Floria

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Mount Floria is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mount Floria is located north of Lake Floria and just northeast of the Riola Spring. There are other peaks on the mountain range, including the Angel Peak to the northwest and Breman Peak to the northeast. At the very peak of the mountain there is a small rock that can be lifted to find a Korok. Mount Floria is the tall point in the immediate area, so standing on top gives Link a great view of the tropical province of Faron that surrounds Lake Floria, as well as various places in the distance, including the Bridge of Hylia, Dueling Peaks, and Hateno Village.

There are a few Mountain Goats and Water Buffalo that roam around the mountain, but there isn't much else in terms of animal life or vegetation. There are some grasslands in the surrounding area that have Restless Crickets jumping around and if the grass is chopped down, some Hylian Rice can be collected.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb up the tree, lift the rock.

This seed is located in the middle of the tree. You must climb the tree to find it, then lift the rock.

Lift the rock found at the top of Mount Floria.

Lift the rock found at the top of the mountain.

Tears of the Kingdom

Mount Floria is a tall mountain found just to the west of the Rabella Wetlands.

Just to the northeast of the peak of Mount Floria, there is a Bokoblin camp with a Blue Bokoblin and several Black Bokoblin. A treasure chest can be found here containing a Lynel Bow.

Mount Floria Cave

Main article: Mount Floria Cave

The Mount Floria Cave is an expansive cave system found beneath Mount Floria. The north entrance is way down below, north of the mountain, at a lower elevation at the south end of the river. The south entrance can be found southwest of the peak of Mount Floria, behind the waterfall beneath Riola Spring.

Korok Seeds

  • At one of the local high points, just southwest of the pond at Breman Peak, there is a rock. Lift it up to get a Korok Seed.
  • At the very peak of the mountain, stand next to the pinwheel and shoot the three balloons to get the Korok Seed.
  • Directly west of the peak of the mountain, there is a lone pine tree at a lower elevation. Climb up and examine the sparkling lights to get the Korok Seed.
  • North of Mount Floria, there is a large tree at a lower elevation. Shoot the jar hanging from the tree to get the seed.



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