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Keelay Plain is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Keelay Plain is located just south of Tobio's Hollow and directly south of the Dueling Peaks. The plain is gradually sloped, leading from the Tobio's Hollow down below, up to the Jia Highlands to the northeast. The forest area has a variety of vegetation, including some Hylian Shrooms, Ironshrooms, and Big Hearty Radish .

The path at the northwest travels underneath a large rock, leading to the Tobio's Hollow. In this tunnel there are a series of flower Link can collect to find a Korok Seed. A second Korok can be found at the southeast portion of this area, as there is a cut tree stump on one of the higher ledges against the wall. After stepping on it, Link will need to climb up the side of the cliff to the yellow circle in a short amount of time to collect the Korok Seed. Due to the area's rainy weather making it impossible to climb during those times Revali's gale can be used and gives you the perfect amount of height.



Nearby Korok Seeds

The seed platform is at the bottom of the cliff. Climb up to the ring or use Revali's Gale.

Quickly climb up to the ring on top of the cliff. Revali's Gale may help, if you have it.

The flower trail starts inside the tunnel, then works its way up the northern cave entrance.

A yellow Korok flower is found in the middle of the tunnel/cave section and progresses towards the north exit. It leads up and outside the cave, eventually ending on the rocks above the north cave entrance.

Tears of the Kingdom

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