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Heat Resistance is a protective effect in Breath of the Wild which allows Link to remain in places with extreme heat without suffering damage.

Breath of the Wild

Heat Resistance is primarily required in the Gerudo Desert during daytime, with the south-west portion requiring Level 2 Heat Resistance from either the Desert Voe Set or "Cooling Cooking" to avoid taking ongoing damage.

Ice-based weapons such as a Frostspear perform a similar role, but do so in a different way; by lowering the effective temperature around Link rather than increasing his resistance to the high temperature.


Meals & Elixirs

Main article: Breath of the Wild Chilly Meals

Many meals can provide Heat Resistance, typically involving Chillshrooms, Hydromelons, Chillfin Trout or Cool Safflina in their cooking.

The elixir which provides Heat Resistance is the Chilly Elixir.

Age of Calamity

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