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Part of trading sequence; can be traded for the Lon Lon Egg

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Cocottedex (Cuccodex)
Spain Español Cucódice (Cuccodex)
Germany Deutsch Cuccodex
Italy Italiana Coccodex (Cuccodex)

"You got a Cuccodex! It's the result of many years of Cucco research!"

— In-Game Description

The Cuccodex is the first item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It is a complete Cucco fact book,[1][2] which was made as a result of years of research.[3]

The Cuccodex can be obtained by entering a small house in southeastern Horon Village. Inside, Dr. Left, Horon Village's local biologist,[4] can be found at his desk. When approached, he says that it's too dim for him to read.[5] However, by lighting the torches in the house with Link's Ember Seeds, Dr. Left is able to see. As thanks, he gives Link the Cuccodex,[6] beginning the trading sequence.

The Cuccodex can be used to continue the trading sequence. It can be traded to Malon, who wants it because she is taking care of her family's hens while her father, Talon, is out.[7] In return, Malon gives Link the Lon Lon Egg, saying it's all the rage with cute girls,[8] hinting at the next person in the sequence, Maple.



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