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Beedle's Air Shop



Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword


Beedle's Air Shop is a shop found in both Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword. In Spirit Tracks, it stays in the via a hot-air balloon, and can be found all throughout New Hyrule. In Skyward Sword, it is a shop that is being held up in the air on electricity; which Beedle is creating by pedalling on a bike. Link can buy certain items there that cannot be found anywhere else.


Beedle's Air Shop is found in Spirit Tracks and in Skyward Sword. However, Beedle does have a Boat Shop in The Wind Waker and in Phantom Hourglass.

Spirit Tracks

Beedle's Air Shop is first introduced in Spirit Tracks. After completion of the Snow Temple, Link will get a letter from Beedle, inviting him to come to his shop. The shop is always on the move, and thus it can sometimes be quite tedious trying to track down Beedle and get him to stop. However, it becomes quite simple acter Link has travels close to where the shop if flying, as all he needs to do his blow his whistle on the Spirit Train, and Beedle will come down to a stop beside the Spirit Tracks. Now all Link has to do is stop beside where Beedle landed and he will automatically enter the shop!

Much like Beedle's past appearances, Beedle will offer Link the chance to gain excluvise membership upgrades, all that are very helpful to Link's needs. Link can start saving up points after he has bought his first item at the shop. If Link agrees to join and pays the 100 Rupee membership cost, he can start earning points on every purchase. Every ten Rupees Link spends, he will earn one point. The first membership status accessable is called the Silver Member. Link can get to this status by earning 200 points. His reward is the Silver Card, which allows Link to shop here at a 10% off rate. Also, Beedle will give Link the Freebie Card, which he cam use to get an item in the store for free. He does not get points on this purchase, however. The next membership status is called the Gold Member. This level requires 500 points, and will reward Link with the Gold Card, which reduces prices at Beedle's shop by 20%. Also, Beedle will give Link a Heart Container. The third level of membership here is called the Platinum Member. This level requires Link to have earned a minimum of 1000 points, and rewards Link with the Platinum Card, which allows Link to buy items at this shop at the reduced price of 30% off. Also, Beedle will give Link the Quintuple Points Card, which allows Link to buy an item at the store, and acquire five-times the amount of points he would normally get. This is very helpful if Link plans on reaching the final membership status, which requires 2000 points. Although it requires a lot of money to get to the Diamond Member status, it is worth it, as Beedle will reward Link with the Diamond Card, which allows Link to purchase items for 50% off. Also, Beedle will give Link a Regal Ring, one of the rarest Treasures in the game.

In order to achieve these membership status levels, Link needs to purchase items from Beedle's Air Shop to get points. Here are the items Link can buy at Beedle's Air Shop:

Item Price
Bomb Bag 500 Rupees
Purple Potion 150 Rupees
Bombs 100 Rupees
Red Potion 100 Rupees
Low-value Treasure 300 Rupees
Medium-value Treasure 1000 Rupees

Skyward Sword


Link can use Beedle's Air Shop to purchase otherwise unaccsessable items, like the Bug Medal or the Bug Net.

Purchasable Items

Link can buy these things from the shop at these prices:

Item Price
Bug Net 50 Rupees
Extra Wallet (x3) 100 Rupees each
Adventure Pouch (x3) First: 300 Rupees
Second: 600 Rupees
Third: 1200 Rupees
Life Medal 800 Rupees
Piece of Heart
(after Life Medal)
1600 Rupees
Bug Medal
(after Bug Net)
1000 Rupees

Special Discount

Beedle will give Link a special discount if Link returns his beloved Horned Colossus Beetle. This will reward Link with five Gratitude Crystald as well as a special discount on anything in Beedle's shop.