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Atmus is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Atmus can be found in the Emergency Shelter beneath Lookout Landing. He is confident in his knowledge about the different races and major places within Hyrule.[1] Atmus works with the Monster-Control Crew. While he is not skilled in combat, he helps with the planning and where to deploy members of the team.[2][3] He warns Link that since the Upheaval, there has been an increase in the number of unfamiliar monsters, so Link needs to be careful.[4]

Atmus focuses his studies on the differerent locations and people of Hyrule, using the Map to explain the regions to Link.[5] He mentions that other than Hylians, there are four other peoples of Hyrule, including the Rito, Goron, Zora, and Gerudo. Each of them live in a different area of Hyrule and have their own unique traits. Additionally, there are the Sheikah, who are well known for their wisdom, some of which are some of the most prolific researchers.[6]

Atmus mentions that there are eight major locations through Hyrule where people call home. Beginning with Lookout Landing, he gives Link a tour of the various towns, including Rito Village, Gerudo Town, Goron City, Tarrey Town, Zora's Domain, Kakariko Village, Hateno Village, and Lurelin Village.[7]


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  2. "Many of the aforementioned towns and villages have been deeply affected by the Upheaval. If removing even a fraction of the monsters helps soothe the peoples of Hyrule, then that's what we'll do. Our monster-control crew is on patrol each day, gathering information from everyone...everywhere." — Atmus, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. "I work with the mosnter-control crew. We're tasked with protecting everyone from monsters. There's been an uptick in their populations since the Upheaval. But I'm not really the most skilled in combat. So instead, I use my knowledge of the areas to help determine where we should make deployments." — Atmus, Tears of the Kingdom
  4. "There's been an increase in the number of unfamiliar monsters since the Upheaval, as well. Be careful out there." — Atmus, Tears of the Kingdom
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  7. "Hyrule has eight major places that its various peoples call home. Lookout Landing is located here in Central Hyrule. Up northwest of here, there's Rito Village in Hebra. Then there's Gerudo Town. That's located to the southwest in the Gerudo region. You'll find Goron City to the northeast in Eldin. Travel a bit farther east, and you'll come across Tarrey Town in Akkala. Not too far from there is Zora's Domain. That's within the Lanayru region. Continuing into southeast Hyrule, you'll come across a cluster of Hylian villages. These are within an area called Necluda. Within that cluster, youl'l find Kakariko Village, where the Sheikah live. I heard the village leader is quite lovely. If you're seeking a tranquil spot, Hateno Village is worth a visit. I also hear it's become Hyrule's center of fashion! Finally, there's Lurelin Village. It's a wonderful getaway destination." — Atmus, Tears of the Kingdom