Ancient Adler's House

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Ancient Adler's House





Ancient Adler's House is a location marked near the southwest portion of Lynna Village within Oracle of Ages. Inside of the house, Link will find Adlar, an old man who served as an adviser to Queen Ambi for 50 years. Adlar has since been banished from his duties, ever since Nayru has appeared in the Past.[1]

Link can return to the house throughout his journey to speak with Adlar. The old wise man has his suspicions about Nayru, and later about Queen Ambi, and even refers to Nayru as a monster in human guise.[2] His suspecions turn out to be true, as it is Veran that is controlling Nayru, and later, Queen Ambi.


  • Despite the building being referred to as Ancient Adler's House, the character refers to himself as Adlar with an A, instead of an E.



  1. "I am Adlar. For fifty years, I was a palace advisor, but I have since been chased from the palace and am now retired. I have known the Queen since she was young. She always held the people foremost in her heart. But since she took that girl Nayru in, she has changed completely... She quit listening to my advice... It was that girl who suggested I be banished, but..." — Adlar, Oracle of Ages.
  2. "Just who is this Nayru..? I can only see her as a monster in human guise.�� I wonder if the Queen is all right..." — Adlar, Oracle of Ages.