Tobio's Hollow Cave

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Tobio's Hollow Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Located west of Tobio's Hollow on the higher elevation, the entrance to this cave is marked by Luminous Ore Deposits. Head down the steep descent and Link will encounter many Keese and some Electric Chuchus.

There are two Zonaite Spears on the ground, and a platform to the left. When Link stands on the platform, the platform and the hole in the rock pillar ahead will light up. Take out a type of wing, such as a Keese Wing or, fuse it to a Zonaite Spear, and hurl it through the ring to reveal Utojis Shrine on the left bank.

Along the outer wall Link will find Luminous Ore Deposits, regular Ore Deposits, Brightcap mushrooms, Brightbloom Seeds, and at least one Hearty Truffle. There are also Glowing Cave Fish in the water and Sticky Lizards on the walls.

To the right of the pillar the cave branches to the north, where a pair of Like Likes and more Keese await on the downward path.

The Bubbulfrog is high on the wall of the next large chamber, along with Sticky Lizards and a Hearty Lizard.

Ascending through the pillar in the center of this chamber takes you to the peak of the mountain directly above to the north of the cave entrance.

Legend of the Soaring Spear

Main article: Legend of the Soaring Spear

When the cave opens up into a large chamber where an underground river flows around a central pillar, Link will find a tattered notebook that begins the Shrine Quest Legend of the Soaring Spear that reads:

"Legend has it that the Zonai hid a treasure in this cave long ago. The clue is as follows: "Throw the Zonai spear with a wing from the pedestal, through the ring. Should your aim be true and right, you'll be blessed with dispelling light." I have thrown the spear countless times in pursuit of this legend, but never once managed to get it through the ring. My spirit's blunted I have given up. I leave a record of this clue in the hopes that whoever tries next will have better luck."

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