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Breath of the Wild
Hateno Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Lookout Landing


Thadd is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Thadd is a guard who can be found at the western gate of Hateno Village. He wields a Farmer's Pitchfork and patrols back and forth all day and night, despite being tired.[1] When he first sees Link, he will appear confrontational, as he does not know who Link is.[2] After realizing that Link is a Hylian, he apologizes for his rude attitude and tells Link he is free to pass.[3]

Thadd serves as a guide for Link, pointing him to many of the attractions of Hateno Village, including the Kochi Dye Shop and the The Great Ton Pu Inn. However, Thadd will advise Link not to go near the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab that is further up the hill, as there is a yappy old woman there.[4]

Even though Thadd tells Link about many of the attractions in town, if Link asks for a tour guide, Thadd yells at him, saying he can't give him a tour as he is on guard duty. However, he advises Link to find Seldon, who will be more than happy to give Link a tour.[5]

Tears of the Kingdom

Thadd can be found at Lookout Landing where he is patrolling on the higher ledge at the east side of the Lookout.

Thadd stares to the east and longs to return to Hateno Village and see his family - Tamana and Teebo - again. He mentions strange ring shaped ruins that are in that direction.


  1. Phwaaa... So sleepy. - Thadd
  2. Who... Who are you? I demand answers! If you're up this late, you're probably up to no good! - Thadd
  3. Wait, wait, wait! Hrm? You certainly do appear to be a Hylian like the rest of us... Hylians are generally good folk, so... Sorry for getting all worked up... You're free to go. We're just a waypoint on your winding road, huh? Ah, the life of a traveler. Well, you can get most things you need at the general store, and in the inn is just back there. - Thadd
  4. This is the town of greenery and dyes, Hateno Village. Can a place be a village AND a town? Anyway... The vegetables taste good. The air smells good... What else... All kinds of points of interest I'm forgetting... Travelers tend to spend their money here, so that's good! Yeah! The village folk welcome THAT with open arms! But... A little advice? Don't go near the place up the hill in the rear of the village. There's a yappy old woman there. - Thadd
  5. Not likely! I'm on guard duty, Buster! Serious business! No time for tours! Grumble... Sorry for the yelling...and the grumbling. This village is pretty peaceful, so it's not like guard duty is all that harrowing. But you're GRAVELY mistaken if you think people with free time are itching to give village tours. Try looking for a burly old guy called Seldon. He'll probably fall all over himself to show you around. - Thadd