Sheik's Turban

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Sheik's Turban
HW Sheik's Turban.png



Dropped by Sheik


Making mixtures and certain badges


Sheik's Turban is a super-rare (gold) material found in Hyrule Warriors. It is dropped at a low rate upon defeating Sheik.


  • The best place to collect Sheik's Turbans is the "Ocarina of Time quiz" in grid G13? of the Adventure Map. Question two requires the player to defeat Sheik. Sheik also appears for question three, and may drop a material upon retreating when Ruto is defeated. At high levels and using a powerful weapon (ideally with the "VS Time" skill, as it's effective against every character in the stage), each enemy may be defeated as easily as with one weakpoint smash.


Sheik's Turban is required for the following badges: