Phantom Ganon's Sword

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Phantom Ganon's Sword
Phantom Ganon Sword.png



Used by Phantom Ganon

The Phantom Ganon's Sword is an enemy weapon in The Wind Waker. It is used by Phantom Ganon.

The Phantom Ganon's Sword is useful in Ganon's Tower. Once Phantom Ganon is defeated, Link should not pick up the Sword because the hilt (not the tip), automatically points to the door that Link needs to go through. Once Link has gone through enough rooms, he teleports back to the main room where the final Phantom Ganon fights Link. Defeat him and pick up his Sword at this time. Use it to strike at the large sealed door. Link can't use the Sword in combat at any time. The Phantom Ganon's Sword is only used in Ganon's Tower.

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