Hyrule Warriors Materials

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Common (Bronze)

HW Metal Plate.png Metal Plate
HW Monster Tooth.png Monster Tooth
HW Old Rag.png Old Rag
HW Soldier's Uniform.png Soldier's Uniform
HW Rock.png Rock
HW Monster Horn.png Monster Horn
HW Aeralfos Leather.png Aeralfos Leather
HW Fiery Aeralfos Leather.png Fiery Aeralfos Leather
HW Gibdo Bandage.png Gibdo Bandage
HW ReDead Bandage.png ReDead Bandage
HW Lizalfos Scale.png Lizalfos Scale
HW Dinolfos Fang.png Dinolfos Fang
HW Moblin Flank.png Moblin Flank
HW Shield-Moblin Helmet.png Shield-Moblin Helmet
HW Piece of Darknut Armor.png Piece of Darknut Armor
HW Stalmaster Wrist Bone.png Stalmaster Wrist Bone
HW Big Poe Necklace.png Big Poe Necklace
HW Essence of Icy Big Poe.png Essence of Icy Big Poe
HW Hylian Captain Gauntlet.png Hylian Captain Gauntlet
HW Goron Armor Breastplate.png Goron Armor Breastplate
HW Big Blin Hide.png Big Blin Hide
HW Stone Blin Buckler.png Stone Blin Buckler

Rare (Silver)

HW Ganon's Mane.png Ganon's Mane
HW King Dodongo's Claws.png King Dodongo's Claws
HW Gohma's Acid.png Gohma's Acid
HW Manhandla's Toxic Dust.png Manhandla's Toxic Dust
HW Argorok's Embers.png Argorok's Embers
HW The Imprisoned's Scales.png The Imprisoned's Scales
HW Helmaroc Plume.png Helmaroc Plume
HW Phantom Ganon's Cape.png Phantom Ganon's Cape
HW Cia's Bracelet.png Cia's Bracelet
HW Volga's Helmet.png Volga's Helmet
HW Wizzro's Robe.png Wizzro's Robe
HW Link's Boots.png Link's Boots
HW Lana's Hair Clip.png Lana's Hair Clip
HW Zelda's Brooch.png Zelda's Brooch
HW Impa's Hair Band.png Impa's Hair Band
HW Ganondorf's Gauntlet.png Ganondorf's Gauntlet
HW Sheik's Kunai.png Sheik's Kunai
HW Darunia's Spikes.png Darunia's Spikes
HW Ruto's Earrings.png Ruto's Earrings
HW Agitha's Basket.png Agitha's Basket
HW Midna's Hair.png Midna's Hair
HW Fi's Heels.png Fi's Heels
HW Ghirahim's Sash.png Ghirahim's Sash
HW Zant's Magic Gem.png Zant's Magic Gem
HW Twili Midna's Hairpin.png Twili Midna's Hairpin
HW Young Link's Belt.png Young Link's Belt
HW Tingle's Map.png Tingle's Map
HW Linkle's Boots.png Linkle's Boots
HW Skull Kid's Hat.png Skull Kid's Hat
HW Pirate's Charm.png Pirate's Charm
HW Tetra's Sandals.png Tetra's Sandals
HW King Daphnes's Robe.png King Daphnes's Robe
HW Round Aeralfos Shield.png Round Aeralfos Shield
HW Fiery Aeralfos Wing.png Fiery Aeralfos Wing
HW Heavy Gibdo Sword.png Heavy Gibdo Sword
HW ReDead Knight Ashes.png ReDead Knight Ashes
HW Lizalfos Gauntlet.png Lizalfos Gauntlet
HW Dinolfos Arm Guard.png Dinolfos Arm Guard
HW Moblin Spear.png Moblin Spear
HW Metal Moblin Shield.png Metal Moblin Shield
HW Large Darknut Sword.png Large Darknut Sword
HW Stalmaster's Skull.png Stalmaster's Skull
HW Big Poe's Lantern.png Big Poe's Lantern
HW Icy Big Poe's Talisman.png Icy Big Poe's Talisman
HW Holy Hylian Shield.png Holy Hylian Shield
HW Thick Goron Helmet.png Thick Goron Helmet
HW Big Blin Club.png Big Blin Club
HW Stone Blin Helmet.png Stone Blin Helmet

Super-Rare (Gold)

HW Ganon's Fang.png Ganon's Fang
HW King Dodongo's Crystal.png King Dodongo's Crystal
HW Gohma's Lens.png Gohma's Lens
HW Manhandla's Sapling.png Manhandla's Sapling
HW Argorok's Stone.png Argorok's Stone
HW The Imprisoned's Pillar.png The Imprisoned's Pillar
HW Helmaroc King's Mask.png Helmaroc King's Mask
HW Phantom Ganon's Sword.png Phantom Ganon's Sword
HW Cia's Staff.png Cia's Staff
HW Volga's Dragon Spear.png Volga's Dragon Spear
HW Wizzro's Ring.png Wizzro's Ring
HW Link's Scarf.png Link's Scarf
HW Lana's Cloak.png Lana's Cloak
HW Zelda's Tiara.png Zelda's Tiara
HW Impa's Breastplate.png Impa's Breastplate
HW Ganondorf's Jewel.png Ganondorf's Jewel
HW Sheik's Turban.png Sheik's Turban
HW Darunia's Bracelet.png Darunia's Bracelet
HW Ruto's Scale.png Ruto's Scale
HW Agitha's Pendant.png Agitha's Pendant
HW Midna's Fused Shadow.png Midna's Fused Shadow
HW Fi's Crystal.png Fi's Crystal
HW Ghirahim's Cape.png Ghirahim's Cape
HW Zant's Helmet.png Zant's Helmet
HW Twili Midna's Robe.png Twili Midna's Robe
HW Keaton Mask.png Keaton Mask
HW Tingle's Watch.png Tingle's Watch
HW Linkle's Compass.png Linkle's Compass
HW Majora's Mask.png Majora's Mask
HW Island Outfit.png Island Outfit
HW Tetra's Bandana.png Tetra's Bandana
HW King Daphnes's Crown.png King Daphnes's Crown