Hyrule Warriors Materials

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This is a list of materials found in Hyrule Warriors.

Common (Bronze)

Metal Plate

HW Metal Plate.png
Main article: Metal Plate

Monster Tooth

HW Monster Tooth.png
Main article: Monster Tooth

Old Rag

HW Old Rag.png
Main article: Old Rag

Soldier's Uniform

HW Soldier's Uniform.png
Main article: Soldier's Uniform


HW Rock.png
Main article: Rock

Monster Horn

HW Monster Horn.png
Main article: Monster Horn#Hyrule Warriors

Aeralfos Leather

HW Aeralfos Leather.png
Main article: Aeralfos Leather

Fiery Aeralfos Leather

HW Fiery Aeralfos Leather.png
Main article: Fiery Aeralfos Leather

Gibdo Bandage

HW Gibdo Bandage.png
Main article: Gibdo Bandage

ReDead Bandage

HW ReDead Bandage.png
Main article: ReDead Bandage

Lizalfos Scale

HW Lizalfos Scale.png
Main article: Lizalfos Scale

Dinolfos Fang

HW Dinolfos Fang.png
Main article: Dinolfos Fang

Moblin Flank

HW Moblin Flank.png
Main article: Moblin Flank

Shield-Moblin Helmet

HW Shield-Moblin Helmet.png
Main article: Shield-Moblin Helmet

Piece of Darknut Armor

HW Piece of Darknut Armor.png
Main article: Piece of Darknut Armor

Stalmaster Wrist Bone

HW Stalmaster Wrist Bone.png
Main article: Stalmaster Wrist Bone

Big Poe Necklace

HW Big Poe Necklace.png
Main article: Big Poe Necklace

Essence of Icy Big Poe

HW Essence of Icy Big Poe.png
Main article: Essence of Icy Big Poe

Hylian Captain Gauntlet

HW Hylian Captain Gauntlet.png
Main article: Hylian Captain Gauntlet

Goron Armor Breastplate

HW Goron Armor Breastplate.png
Main article: Goron Armor Breastplate

Big Blin Hide

HW Big Blin Hide.png
Main article: Big Blin Hide

Stone Blin Buckler

HW Stone Blin Buckler.png
Main article: Stone Blin Buckler

Rare (Silver)

Ganon's Mane

HW Ganon's Mane.png
Main article: Ganon's Mane

King Dodongo's Claws

HW King Dodongo's Claws.png
Main article: King Dodongo's Claws

Gohma's Acid

HW Gohma's Acid.png
Main article: Gohma's Acid

Manhandla's Toxic Dust

HW Manhandla's Toxic Dust.png
Main article: Manhandla's Toxic Dust

Argorok's Embers

HW Argorok's Embers.png
Main article: Argorok's Embers

The Imprisoned's Scales

HW The Imprisoned's Scales.png
Main article: The Imprisoned's Scales

Helmaroc Plume

HW Helmaroc Plume.png
Main article: Helmaroc Plume#Hyrule Warriors

Phantom Ganon's Cape

HW Phantom Ganon's Cape.png
Main article: Phantom Ganon's Cape

Cia's Bracelet

HW Cia's Bracelet.png
Main article: Cia's Bracelet

Volga's Helmet

HW Volga's Helmet.png
Main article: Volga's Helmet

Wizzro's Robe

HW Wizzro's Robe.png
Main article: Wizzro's Robe

Link's Boots

HW Link's Boots.png
Main article: Link's Boots

Lana's Hair Clip

HW Lana's Hair Clip.png
Main article: Lana's Hair Clip

Zelda's Brooch

HW Zelda's Brooch.png
Main article: Zelda's Brooch

Impa's Hair Band

HW Impa's Hair Band.png
Main article: Impa's Hair Band

Ganondorf's Gauntlet

HW Ganondorf's Gauntlet.png
Main article: Ganondorf's Gauntlet

Sheik's Kunai

HW Sheik's Kunai.png
Main article: Sheik's Kunai

Darunia's Spikes

HW Darunia's Spikes.png
Main article: Darunia's Spikes

Ruto's Earrings

HW Ruto's Earrings.png
Main article: Ruto's Earrings

Agitha's Basket

HW Agitha's Basket.png
Main article: Agitha's Basket

Midna's Hair

HW Midna's Hair.png
Main article: Midna's Hair

Fi's Heels

HW Fi's Heels.png
Main article: Fi's Heels

Ghirahim's Sash

HW Ghirahim's Sash.png
Main article: Ghirahim's Sash

Zant's Magic Gem

HW Zant's Magic Gem.png
Main article: Zant's Magic Gem

Twili Midna's Hairpin

HW Twili Midna's Hairpin.png
Main article: Twili Midna's Hairpin

Young Link's Belt

HW Young Link's Belt.png
Main article: Young Link's Belt

Tingle's Map

HW Tingle's Map.png
Main article: Tingle's Map

Linkle's Boots

HW Linkle's Boots.png
Main article: Linkle's Boots

Skull Kid's Hat

HW Skull Kid's Hat.png
Main article: Skull Kid's Hat

Pirate's Charm

HW Pirate's Charm.png
Main article: Pirate's Charm (Hyrule Warriors)

Tetra's Sandals

HW Tetra's Sandals.png
Main article: Tetra's Sandals

King Daphnes's Robe

HW King Daphnes's Robe.png
Main article: King Daphnes's Robe

Round Aeralfos Shield

HW Round Aeralfos Shield.png
Main article: Round Aeralfos Shield

Fiery Aeralfos Wing

HW Fiery Aeralfos Wing.png
Main article: Fiery Aeralfos Wing

Heavy Gibdo Sword

HW Heavy Gibdo Sword.png
Main article: Heavy Gibdo Sword

ReDead Knight Ashes

HW ReDead Knight Ashes.png
Main article: ReDead Knight Ashes

Lizalfos Gauntlet

HW Lizalfos Gauntlet.png
Main article: Lizalfos Gauntlet

Dinolfos Arm Guard

HW Dinolfos Arm Guard.png
Main article: Dinolfos Arm Guard

Moblin Spear

HW Moblin Spear.png
Main article: Moblin Spear

Metal Moblin Shield

HW Metal Moblin Shield.png
Main article: Metal Moblin Shield

Large Darknut Sword

HW Large Darknut Sword.png
Main article: Large Darknut Sword

Stalmaster's Skull

HW Stalmaster's Skull.png
Main article: Stalmaster's Skull

Big Poe's Lantern

HW Big Poe's Lantern.png
Main article: Big Poe's Lantern

Icy Big Poe's Talisman

HW Icy Big Poe's Talisman.png
Main article: Icy Big Poe's Talisman

Holy Hylian Shield

HW Holy Hylian Shield.png
Main article: Holy Hylian Shield

Thick Goron Helmet

HW Thick Goron Helmet.png
Main article: Thick Goron Helmet

Big Blin Club

HW Big Blin Club.png
Main article: Big Blin Club

Stone Blin Helmet

HW Stone Blin Helmet.png
Main article: Stone Blin Helmet

Super-Rare (Gold)

Ganon's Fang

HW Ganon's Fang.png
Main article: Ganon's Fang

King Dodongo's Crystal

HW King Dodongo's Crystal.png
Main article: King Dodongo's Crystal

Gohma's Lens

HW Gohma's Lens.png
Main article: Gohma's Lens

Manhandla's Sapling

HW Manhandla's Sapling.png
Main article: Manhandla's Sapling

Argorok's Stone

HW Argorok's Stone.png
Main article: Argorok's Stone

The Imprisoned's Pillar

HW The Imprisoned's Pillar.png
Main article: The Imprisoned's Pillar

Helmaroc King's Mask

HW Helmaroc King's Mask.png
Main article: Helmaroc King's Mask

Phantom Ganon's Sword

HW Phantom Ganon's Sword.png
Main article: Phantom Ganon's Sword#Hyrule Warriors

Cia's Staff

HW Cia's Staff.png
Main article: Cia's Staff

Volga's Dragon Spear

HW Volga's Dragon Spear.png
Main article: Volga's Dragon Spear

Wizzro's Ring

HW Wizzro's Ring.png
Main article: Wizzro's Ring

Link's Scarf

HW Link's Scarf.png
Main article: Link's Scarf

Lana's Cloak

HW Lana's Cloak.png
Main article: Lana's Cloak

Zelda's Tiara

HW Zelda's Tiara.png
Main article: Zelda's Tiara

Impa's Breastplate

HW Impa's Breastplate.png
Main article: Impa's Breastplate

Ganondorf's Jewel

HW Ganondorf's Jewel.png
Main article: Ganondorf's Jewel

Sheik's Turban

HW Sheik's Turban.png
Main article: Sheik's Turban

Darunia's Bracelet

HW Darunia's Bracelet.png
Main article: Darunia's Bracelet

Ruto's Scale

HW Ruto's Scale.png
Main article: Ruto's Scale

Agitha's Pendant

HW Agitha's Pendant.png
Main article: Agitha's Pendant

Midna's Fused Shadow

HW Midna's Fused Shadow.png
Main article: Midna's Fused Shadow

Fi's Crystal

HW Fi's Crystal.png
Main article: Fi's Crystal

Ghirahim's Cape

HW Ghirahim's Cape.png
Main article: Ghirahim's Cape

Zant's Helmet

HW Zant's Helmet.png
Main article: Zant's Helmet

Twili Midna's Robe

HW Twili Midna's Robe.png
Main article: Twili Midna's Robe

Keaton Mask

HW Keaton Mask.png
Main article: Keaton Mask#Hyrule Warriors

Tingle's Watch

HW Tingle's Watch.png
Main article: Tingle's Watch

Linkle's Compass

HW Linkle's Compass.png
Main article: Linkle's Compass

Majora's Mask

HW Majora's Mask.png
Main article: Majora's Mask#Hyrule Warriors

Island Outfit

HW Island Outfit.png
Main article: Island Outfit

Tetra's Bandana

HW Tetra's Bandana.png
Main article: Tetra's Bandana

King Daphnes's Crown

HW King Daphnes's Crown.png
Main article: King Daphnes's Crown