Red Wizzrobe

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Red Wizzrobe
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Summoning Enemies


The Red Wizzrobe is the Mini-Boss from the Wind Temple in The Wind Waker. It has the most stamina of any Wizzrobe in said game and is capable of summoning Darknuts, Moblins, and Yellow Wizzrobes. The Yellow Wizzrobe, in turn, summons airborne foes such as Fire Keese, Peahats and Kargaroks.


The Red Wizzrobe may be harmed by Arrows. If it swoops down to ground level, however, the Sword is also effective. Ice Arrows may be used to freeze the Red Wizzrobe and throw it. Also, the Skull Hammer may be used to bash its frozen frame. Once Link has defeated the Red Wizzrobe and the dangerous denizens it summons, he is able to claim the Hookshot and progress further down the Wind Temple.