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Dmitri (father)
Kaifa (older sister)
Tenne (younger sister)
Gleema (younger sister)

Jana is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Jana can be found at the South Akkala Stable, where she lives there with her older sister Kaifa and younger sister Gleema. Her older sister takes care of the livestock at the stable, where as her younger sister searches around for insects. Jana has no problems with insects, except for one particular insect.[2]

When Link first meets Jana, she seems to have a bit of an attitude towards Link.[3] However, when she finds out that Link has some Armoranth, she asks if she can have some.[4] Armoranth is here favorite plant and after Link gives her one, she thinks that maybe the two of them could get along after all. She mentions that the Akkala region is not really famous for much at all and wonders what Link is doing all the way out here.[5] She does tell Link that if he heads east from the stable, he'll get a great view of Lake Akkala and the Akkala Sea, but that is about all there is to do in Akkala.[6]

Little Sister's Big Request

Main article: Little Sister's Big Request

After talking to Jana and giving her an Armoranth, she will mention that her younger sister Gleema is a huge fan of insects. However, there is a particular insect that Gleema is dying to see in real life, but she won't tell Jana. Jana wants to find out what the insect is, as Gleema's birthday is coming up and wants to surprise her. Jana will take Link with trying to find out what insect Gleema is looking for.[7] This will being the side quest.

Link can then talk to Gleema at the stable, who tells Link that she has a secret. After pressing her on it, Gleema reveals that Jana hates dragonflies. She once showed her a book that had pictures of a Warm Darner, Cold Darner, and Electric Darner, and it creeped Jana out. This is why Gleema didn't want to tell Jana what she's looking for. However, after telling Link this information, it will progress the quest.

After giving Jana the information, she'll be a bit agitated that Gleema wants the one type of insect that she cannot stand. That said, it is Gleema's birthday, so she doesn't think she has a choice in the matter. She will task Link in finding a warm darner, cold darner, and an electric darner.[8] While they can be found in the wild, Beedle will sell all three types of darners at the various Stables found throughout Hyrule.

After acquiring all three darners, return to Jana to give them to her. She just cannot bring herself to take the darners as they creep her out. She will then task Link with delivering them straight to Gleema.[9]

After giving the darners to Gleema, she will be super excited and will run back over to Jana to show them to her big sister. Afterwards, Link can speak with Jana, as she has managed to calm down a bit. She thanks Link for helping her and will reward Link with a Silver Rupee, completing the quest.[10][11][12]


  1. "This sure brings back the memories... You see, I did ring it once. My wife and I rang it together, in fact. And here we are, still happy together, all thanks to that bell." — Dmitri, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. I'm Jana, the second eldest. I'm in charge of the flower patch. My big sister, Kaifa, is in the back taking care of the livestock. My little sister, Gleema, is looking for insects around here today. So long as they don't tamper with my flowers, I have no problem with insects. Well...except for one type of insect. - Jana
  3. What do YOU want? - Jana
  4. So. It's YOU. Hmmm... What's that? What do you have there? That's armoranth, isn't it?! Could you...um...maybe give me some? - Jana
  5. For you to be walking around with my favorite plant... It seems you and I may just get along after all. That said... Akkala is famous for... Well, nothing. So I have to ask... What could you possibly have come here for? - Jana
  6. This is the South Akkala Stable. From just past the farm to the east, you can take in a sweeping view of Lake Akkala and the Akkala Sea. That's about as far as local attractions go... - Jana
  7. I see... A traveler, eh? In that case, I have a request for you. My little sister, Gleema, is a huge fan of insects. I know, I don't get it either. But apparently there's a certain insect she's dying to see in real life. She won't tell me about it, though. I suppose there are some things you just can't talk about with those you're closest to. Anyway, would you mind talking to her and trying to figure out which silly insect she's so crazy about? It's for her birthday... Think of it as a special birthday favor. Ooh, or even a birthday quest. Look, just do it, OK? - Jana
  8. No... No way! Of all things, she wants to see a gross dragonfly?! A warm darner, a cold darner, AND an electric darner? Three different types?! Ugggh... Anything but dragonflies... Just thinking about their eyes makes me feel sick. I see. So Gleema knows that I despise dragonflies, and that's why she wouldn't tell me how much she loves them... Well, this is her birthday wish... I didn't have a choice. Bring me a warm darner, cold darner, and electric darner, please. I want to surprise Gleema, so don't tell her about this! - Jana
  9. You already found them all, didn't you? *gulp* Right... In that case, may I have them? ... ... Ewww... BAH! I CAN'T DO THSI! Please give them to her...just...give them to Gleema yourself! - Jana
  10. So. It's YOU. I've managed to clam down. Somehow. Now then... I must thank you for catching those dragonflies. Here, take this. - Jana
  11. I'm fine with most insects. The only ones I simply can't stand are dragonflies. When I think about them looking at me with those evil eyes... *shudder* - Jana
  12. *sigh* That was rough. OK... I need to take a deep breath. - Jana