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Jana (Younger Sister)
Gleema (Younger Sister)

Kaifa is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Kaifa can be found at the South Akkala Stable, where she lives there with her two younger sisters, Jana and Gleema. Kaifa works at the back of the stable where she takes care of the livestock. Kaifa gets really embarrassed when Link talks to her. She is a bit shy and regularly forgets what to say, resulting in her apologizing.[1]

Kaifa enjoys raising Highland Sheep. While the South Akkala Stable is supposed to be a horse stable, people say it is "more of a sheep stable", given the number of sheep births that have occurred.[2]

When first approached, Kaifa thinks Link is a customer.[3] She will talk about the Fang and Bone shop that Kilton runs, over at Skull Lake. Kilton is such a suspicious person that the people over at the East Akkala Stable starting to hire some soldiers for protection, due to the rumors about Kilton.[4]


  1. You can't just ask me out of the blue like that... I'm not mentally prepared for this! I'm...I'm sorry. - Kaifa
  2. This is the South Akkala Stable. People usually say stuff like, "Isn't this more of a sheep stable than a horse stable?" I may be bad at raising horses, but I can't help the fact that we've had a lot of sheep births here! Who cares anyway? What's so wrong about that?! ... ... *ahem* I'm sorry. It seems I've done it again... - Kaifa
  3. I wonder if it's gonna rain all day... Ah... You're a customer...right? - Kaifa
  4. There's a rumor that a suspicious person named Kilton appears at Skull Lake, just north of here. They say he's the owner of something called the Fang and Bone. It only appears at night, or so they say. It seems the East Akkala Stable up north is hiring soldiers for protection because of the rumors about Kilton. Be careful out there. - Kaifa