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Hearty is an effect that is applied to food and elixirs in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Hearty meals are created when Link cooks Hearty Truffle, Hearty Bass, Hearty Blueshell Snail, Hearty Radish, Hearty Salmon, Hearty Durian, Big Hearty Truffle and/or Big Hearty Radish in a Cooking Pot as part of a meal (with no conflicting effects). As can be seen in the table below, Big Hearty Radish - followed by Hearty Salmon, Hearty Durian, and Big Hearty Truffle - make more powerful Hearty meals than the alternatives for the same number of items.

Similarly, a Hearty Elixir can be made by cooking Hearty Lizard with Monster Parts.

When consumed, Hearty meal or elixir give Link not only fully recovers Link's hearts, but gives him additional Temporary Hearts on top.

Effect Points

Effects in Breath of the Wild come in tiers, defined by a hidden points system. However, in making a Hearty meal, the formula is very simple: every Hearty meal gives Link "Full Recovery" - meaning, it completely refills his normal Heart Containers - plus a number of Temporary Hearts equal to the number of effect points. Adding neutral, non-Hearty ingredients makes no difference to health recovered.

Effect points and Hearty ingredients are shown in the table below - see Cooking in Breath of the Wild for the full table, including non-Hearty ingredients. Cooking under a Blood Moon, using a Star Fragment or dragon part also increases effect strength, and there is a random chance of this happening any other time; while Monster Extract randomises the strength of effect.

Items Points
Hearty Truffle 1
Hearty Bass 2
Hearty Blueshell Snail 3
Hearty Radish 3
Hearty Salmon 4
Hearty Durian 4
Big Hearty Truffle 4
Big Hearty Radish 5

Tears of the Kingdom

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Hearty meals and Hearty Elixirs are generated as in Breath of the Wild.

While no additional Hearty ingredients were added, Hearty Blueshell Snails and Hearty Durians were removed and as such can no longer be found anywhere in Hyrule, the Sky or Depths.

Hearty Materials