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Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Mipha Court

Gruve is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Gruve is a Zora who can initially be found at the top of the Lanayru Tower. When Link first arrives at the Tower, he can see Gruve, peaking over the edge, looking down below. Gruve had been sent out by Prince Sidon to search for a Hylian to help with the problems at Zora's Domain. He stopped to rest and fell asleep, and during this time, the Sheikah Towers rose up and he has since been stranded on top.[1][2] He is shouting down to Prince Sidon, but because he is so high up, he can't seem to get his attention.

Gruve has a bit of a fear of heights. He wants to jump off the tower and land in Zora River down below, but he doesn't have the courage. He thinks he might be stranded up on top of the tower forever, with no hope of ever coming down.[3] Fortunately, after Link arrives at Zora's Domain and acquires the Zora Armor, Gruve can be found, safe and sound, at Zora's Domain. He finally worked up the fighting spirit and jumped down into Zora River.[4][5]

Grive loves diving and makes his heart flutter with emotion. He believes that a perfect dive, where the diver becomes one with the water is the ultimate form of beauty.[6][7]

  • Note: It's important to keep in mind that Link himself cannot dive from the tower to the river.

Diving is Beauty!

Main article: Diving is Beauty!

When speaking with Gruve, he recognizes that Link now has the Zora armor. He mentions that while wearing that armor, even a Hylian like Link can climb up a waterfall. He asks Link if he'd be willing to show him his true colors by diving down below into the water.[8][9][10] This will begin the Diving is Beauty! is quest.

Run to the edge of the platform and dive down below. Gruve will be astonished at the sight of Link diving and will then ask him to swim up the waterfall.[11] The sight of seeing Link swim up the waterfall has set Gruve's soul on fire and he asks Link to come over.[12] Gruve will then reward Link five Fleet-Lotus Seeds, which will complete the quest.[13][14]

Tears of the Kingdom

Gruve can be found at Mipha Court, near the statue of Mipha. He remarks on how much Ploymus Mountain has changed, with the statue now looking over the Zora, as Mipha herself once did. He believes the Zora have endured the Sludge thanks to her protection and everyone's efforts.



  1. WOW! I cannot believe it! *ahem* Excuse me! Yes, you! I am Gruve of the Zora! It is apparent that you are a traveler but may I ask what brought you here? - Gruve
  2. Hm... How very astute of you! An excellent query indeed! I, by order of Prince Sidon of Zora's Domain, am searching for a Hylian. Or I was...but then I fell asleep. I awoke to a loud noise and awful quaking, and now here I am. I'd like to get down and be on my way, but I'm simply too high up! I need to figure something out. Prince Sidon is down at the bridge below, but for some reason I cannot seem to catch his attention! But you! You are a Hylian, yes?! Well then! My luck is improving! - Gruve
  3. Prince Sidon! I found one! I FOUND A HYLIAN!! ... ... Hmm... Prince Sidon doesn't seem to notice my struggle... Perhaps I should swallow my fear and jump to the river below. Then I could return to him! He must be worried sick. ... ... No! Nope! Can't do it! I'm too high up. I'll likely meet the gods of the ever after before I ever see Prince Sidon again... Mr. Hylian, I must apologize... It will be some time before I can get back to Prince Sidon. Please, you must leave me here and go on ahead. - Gruve
  4. ... ...Oh?! You're the Hylian looking to help Prince Sidon, aren't you?! Sorry I didn't introduce myself sooner. I'm Gruve. I used to help Prince Sidon with his search for a Hylian. For you to find him yourself is a godsend! Yes, it is! - Gruve
  5. However, while searching for a Hylian, Prince Sidon left me stranded on a tower... Instead, I worked up some fighting spirit and jumped into Zora River from the top of the tower. Then I came back here. I was deeply moved seeing my reflection on the water's surface as I dove in... Yes. Deeply moved. - Gruve
  6. As a traveler, I am sure you must have tried diving at least once or twice, yes? Would you mind showing me? Please? When you dive, do so headfirst. Break the water's surface straight on down to the tips of your toes! - Gruve
  7. Have you ever seen something that made your heart flutter with emotion? For me, seeing a person's diving form does that. The sight of a diver just before they become one with the water... I believe that to be the ultimate form of beauty. - Gruve
  8. It is my observation that a person's true colors shine the brightest when they dive freely into the waves! Congratulations on the new Zora armor. It is most impressive indeed. Wearing the Zora armor, even a Hylian like you can climb a waterfall and get back up here in no time at all. That said, if you don't mind me asking, would you please show me your true colors as you dive into the water? You can dive headfirst from here into the water below! It would be true beauty made flesh! Please consider! - Gruve
  9. Come now! Won't you please express your soul's potential with a glorious dive from here? Wearing the Zora armor, even a Hylian like you can climb a waterfall and get back up here in no time at all. I want nothing more than to witness the beauty of an effortless and free dive! To feel it burned on my soul's memory! - Gruve
  10. If you have any soul at all, then dive into the water below! Go on, I'm on the edge of my seat! - Gruve
  11. Blinding brightness! Radiant beauty! *ahem* OK, now climb the waterfall and then meet me back here! - Gruve
  12. Fantastic! Can you feel that?! My soul is on fire! It's pulsating with beauty! You showed me something truly special! Thank you so much! Now then, come over here real quick! - Gruve
  13. That was amazing! I saw your dive and waterfall climb with my own lucky eyes! And now those very eyes are flood with tears of joy! Yes! I must thank you shomehow! - Gruve
  14. Oh! I feel emotionally ravaged after that! It's not every day I get to see a diving form as beautiful as yours, you know! I'll be looking forward to your next dive! I really will! - Gruve