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Dabi (Father)
Banji (Mother)
Kenyo (Older Brother)
Sho (Younger Brother)

Ena is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Ena is a young girl who lives at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. She wakes up each morning at 7am and will spend the entire day following Banji around. In the morning she will follow Banji over to the goat stables, where Banji is preparing food for the goats.[1]

At 10am, Ena will run over to where Banji is taking count of all the cargo that is at the stable. Ena will ask Link how he stores his cargo, mentioning that forest people can increase the size of Link's inventory. Ena is referring to Hestu, who can increase Link's weapon, shield, or bow capacity in exchange for some Korok Seeds. Ena mentions that a fairy told her his information, but it is unclear who Ena is referring to.[2][3][4]

At 3pm, Ena will follow Benji over to where the horses are kept and she will being to sing a song. She mentions that she heard it from a man who came buy, riding a really cool-looking horse. Ena heard from the man that there was a secret tunnel, just west of Castle, and if Link travels through the tunnel, he can find himself inside the castle. Although Ena warns Link that it is dangerous and that he shouldn't go near the castle.[5][6]

Whenever it rains outside, Ena will take cover within the stable, even suggesting that maybe she should bring Mr. Goat inside the stable as well.[7]



  1. Mr. Goat, Mr. Goat! Eat that grass, eat that grass! Fill up on that go-go grass, and then dash super go-go fast! Get it in your guts! And run like nuts! With a healthy! Heaping! Helping! - Ena
  2. Car-go! Cargo! Helping out! Hey, mister? Do you put your cargo in your pouch? Didja hear the rumor about how the forest people can give you a bigger inventory? Didja? - Ena
  3. You haven't heard? I heard about it from a fairy! He said, "If you're nice to a really big forest kid, he'll make your inventory bigger!" I don't know what an inventory is, but bigger is always better if you ask me! - Ena
  4. I wonder if the big forest kid ever leaves the forest... - Ena
  5. Horsey! Horsey! I'll make you a BED! Horsey! Horsey! Rest your head! I heard that song from some guy who came by here riding a REALLY cool-looking horse! - Ena
  6. He also said that there's a small secret tunnel just west of the castle entrance. And that if you go through that tunnel, you can get INSIDE the castle! But that man also said not to go near the castle because it's dangerous. That goes for you too, mister! - Ena
  7. Rain, rain, drippity drip... I should bring Mr. Goat inside too. - Ena