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Banji (Wife)
Kenyo (Son)
Ena (Daughter)
Sho (Son)

Dabi is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Dabi runs the Tabantha Bridge Stable, found just east of the Tabantha Great Bridge. He runs both the Stable and the Inn. When talking to Dabi from outside, Link can take a horse, board a horse, or register a new horse.[1] From the inside of the stable, Link can talk to Dabi to rent out a bed. Dabi offers two types of beds, a regular bed for 20 rupees, and a Soft Bed for 40 rupees.[2]

Tears of the Kingdom

Dabi continues to operate the Tabantha Bridge Stable. When Link first arrives at the stable, Dabi will welcome him and initially will award him with a Pony Point. He offers to register a horse for Link or asks Link if he wants to take one out for a ride.[3]

A Picture for Tabantha Bridge Stable

Main article: A Picture for Tabantha Bridge Stable

After completing one of the Regional Phenomena, as well as acquiring the Camera as part of the Camera Work in the Depths quest, Link can examine the empty picture frame on the wall in the stable. Dabi will mention that The Stable Association asked them to hang the signs up to get ready for paintings to be put up.[4]

Dabi wants to take a picture of the Ancient Columns, taken right at sunrise. However, when he went to go and take a picture, he was greeting by an enormous monster, referring to the Flame Gleeok that makes its home near the Ancient Columns. He can't paint just by memory, but if he had a picture, he'd be able to re-create it for the stable.[5] This will begin the A Picture for Tabantha Bridge Stable quest.

Travel up to the Ancient Columns where there is a dangerous Flame Gleeok. At the east-most end of the columns, Link wants to face directly eastward, with the columns in the foreground. Sunset occurs at 4am and the picture can only be taken sometime between 4am and 6am. While holding out the camera and looking to the east, with the ruins in the background, the Ancient Columns at sunrise prompt will appear, where Link can then snap the picture.

After taking the picture, Link can return to Dabi at the stable and show him the picture. The picture is exactly what Dabi was looking for. He asks Link if it's okay for him to paint a copy of it on the canvas for the stable. He hopes to one day gather up his family and take a trip to see the real thing, but he can't do so, because he's unable to close the stable.[6] As a thanks for helping him out, he will award Link with a Pony Point.[7] He will also give Link a Hasty Elixir, which he thinks will help during harsh terrain and weather.[8][9]



  1. Welcome! Welcome to our fine stable! Do you want to register a horse? Take one out for a ride? How can I help? - Dabi
  2. Welcome! Will you be staying with us? A regular bed will cost you 20 rupees. A soft bed is 40. - Dabi
  3. "Welcome, Link! Do you want to register a horse? Or take one out for a ride?" — Dabi, Tears of the Kingdom
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  6. "Huh? Did you bring me a picture of the Ancient Columns in the sunrise?! Can I see it? Aha! This is exactly the picture I asked for! This would really liven up the look around here. Is it OK if I paint a copy? Thank you! When I look at this picture, I think about gathering up my family one day to take a look at the real thing. There's no way we could close the stable to do so, of course, but...that only makes me more grateful for your kindness. Now, just give me a moment to whip up a reproduction. Haha, don't worry! I'm quite good at this, I promise." — Dabi, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "I knew it! It's perfect for this stable! And it's all thanks to you, Link. It's miraculous that such an old ruin has remained so well-preserved. If you have a picture—any picture—of the Ancient Columns at sunrise, I'll paint a copy and display it. So if you ever want to update the decor around here, simply show me a picture, and it will be done. To show my appreciation, I'm giving you one Pony Point." — Dabi, Tears of the Kingdom
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