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Dabi (Father)
Banji (Mother)
Ena (Younger Sister)
Sho (Younger Brother)

Kenyo is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Kenyo is one of the children who live at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. He wakes up each morning at 8am and spends the entire day running around the stable, circling around the stable itself as well as the pen where the White Goats are held.

Kenyo speaks about the BOOM-BAM GHOST, who can be found underneath the Tabantha Great Bridge, saying that if Link listens closely, he can hear the ghost. Although periodically, it appears that Kenyo can't seem to hear the ghost.[1][2][3]

The ghost that Kenyo thinks he hears is that if Modar, a Goron who can be found within the Tanagar Canyon, who runs the Boom Bam Golf mini-game. The sounds that Kenyo hears are simply that if the game, which involves the striking of large balls.

Whenever it rains, Kenyo will take cover, heading inside the stable, but he's still thinking about the Boom-Bam Ghost.[4]


  1. BOOM BOOM! BAM BAM! - Kenyo
  2. Buddy, you don't know?! The BOOM-BAM GHOST of Tabantha Great Bridge! Under the bridge, at the bottom of the valley, there's a ghost that makes weird noises like "BOOM-BAM BOOM-BAM!" Just listen and you'll hear it. ...Huh? It stopped... Maybe the Boom-Bam Ghost is taking a nap. - Kenyo
  3. You think so? I'm worry about the ghost because it's not saying "BOOM-BAM BOOM-BAM!" anymore... - Kenyo
  4. I wonder if the Boom-Bam Ghost of Tabantha Great Bridge likes the rain... - Kenyo