East Ranch Ruins

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East Ranch Ruins

East Ranch Ruins is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The East Ranch Ruins are an unmarked location on the map, found just east of the Ranch Ruins and directly west of the Wetland Stable. It is a rather dangerous area as a Guardian Stalker lurks around. Additionally, there is a Blue Hinox that can be found sleeping in the area. The Blue Hinox carries a Royal Bow, Royal Claymore, and a Royal Broadsword around its neck.

In the clearing to the northeast there is a large tower with a treasure chest at the top. Climb up and open the chest to get a Giant Boomerang. Just to the east there is smaller tower with a large boulder on top of it. Climb up and knock the boulder off to the west, falling in the small hole to get a Korok Seed. Another Korok can be found under a rock at the peak of a small hill, found at the north side of the East Ranch Ruins.

At the northeast end of the East Ranch Ruins, Link will find a higher plateau that he can climb up. Here he will fight an adventurer named Benny. Benny will give Link the various ingredients he has and welcomes to Link to use the Cooking Pot that she has setup.[1]






  1. If you're trying to find something, looking from somewhere high up is the best! Remember that! Oh, I know! To celebrate the good fortune of meeting someone else up here... I invite you to help yourself to any of the cooking ingredients around here! Feel free to use that cooking pot, too! - Benny