Dueling Peaks South Cave

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Dueling Peaks South Cave

Dueling Peaks South Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Dueling Peaks South Cave can be found about two-thirds up the mountain, accessible on the north side of the mountain just above the Squabble River. After finding a Like Like at the entrance, there is some breakable boulders to the right. Just beyond the boulders, the Bubbulfrog can be found on the ceiling.

If Link climbs up the wall where the Like Like was found, he'll reach a room where there are squares on the ground, arranged in a triangle. There are rocks found on two of the squares, with two more rocks off to the side. In order to progress, Link must place the rocks on the proper squares. The solution to where to place the rocks is actually found on the ceiling of the Dueling Peaks North Cave.

  • In the second row from the top, place a rock on the left
  • In the third row from the top, place a rock in the middle
  • In the bottom row, place a rock on the square that is second from the left, and at the bottom-right

After the door opens up, Link can open the chest to get Tingle's Shirt.



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