Dueling Peaks North Cave

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Dueling Peaks North Cave






Dueling Peaks North Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The entrance to the cave can be found on a higher ledge, about halfway up the mountain. It is best accessible by first climbing to the top of Dueling Peaks and using the Paraglider to glide your way down. If Link travels straight ahead, beyond the Horriblins, he reaches a massive open chamber. If Link looks to the ceiling, he can see a drawing in the shape of a bowling pin setup. There are four of the ten markers circled in. This is actually the solution to a puzzle that is found across the river and a bit higher up, at the Dueling Peaks South Cave.

From the entrance, there is an opening just ahead and up to the left. This leads to the room with the Bubbulfrog.


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