Deya Village Ruins Well

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Deya Village Ruins Well is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of 58 Wells that can be found in the Overworld.

Tears of the Kingdom

The well can be found on the large island near the center of the Deya Lake. Dropping down the well leads to a massive underground cavern. This underground passage has all the usual materials found within underground caves and wells, including numerous Bomb Flowers, Brightbloom Seeds, Brightcaps, and some Glowing Cave Fish in the water. Some enemy Keese and Like Likes can be found throughout.

At the center of the area, there is a large open area where Link will battle with a Stone Talus (Luminous).

Just east of the wells entrance, there is a treasure chest floating around in the water that contains a Royal Bow. Link can reach the chest by placing a nearby Board in the water. Just eats of where Link fights the Stone Talus, he can climb up a rock to find a chest with a Giant Boomerang. There is another treasure chest, up near the ceiling in the hollow log. It is a bit complicated to reach this chat, as it can be reached by assembling multiple Boards together and use Ascend to get into the log. Alternatively, Link can use a Zonai Device to reach the log. The chest here contains a Royal Shield.

While the Deya Village Ruins Well is the main entrance point to this underground cave, Link can also reach it from the Deya Village Ruins North Well, Deya Village Ruins South Well, or Deya Village Ruins East Well by smashing some boulders that block the way.

Susub Shrine

Main article: Susub Shrine

The Susub Shrine can be found at the south end of the well. Link will need to carefully climb up the rocks, which can be slippery. The shrine itself is one of Rauru's Blessings with no actual challenges. Link can grab the Magic Staff in the chest and then visit the altar to get the Light of Blessing.


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