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Ambassador of Tourism



Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Foothill Stable and the Woodland Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Travels the road between Bedrock Bistro and YunoboCo Mineral Market


Naddon (brother)

Boldon is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Boldon is a Goron travelers who can be seen walking along the path between the Foothill Stable and the Woodland Stable.[1] He claims himself to be an ambassador of tourism for Goron City. He thinks that Goron City is great and everybody should visit it at least once in their lives. Although he does acknowledge that like all great cities, Goron City does have its fair share of problems.[2]

Boldon mentions how hot it gets at Goron City, saying that it could burn you to a crisp. He encourages Link to stock up on some Fireproof Lizards, so that he can make a Fireproof Elixir to withstand the heat.[3][4][5] This will work to withstand the heat as an alternative to any fire-resistant clothing. However, Boldon has forgotten what materials are needed in order to make an elixir, only remembering that it requires a fireproof lizard.[6]

Boldon encourages Link to visit the Goron Hot Springs, found just south of Goron City.[7] However, he mentions that fewer people have been visiting the springs lately, and Boldon thinks this is because the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[8] Despite being an ambassador to Goron City, Boldon does acknowledge that the roads leading to Breath of the Wild, as well as to Hyrule Castle can be rather dangerous.[9]

If at any point of his journey, Boldon comes under attack, he will start huffing and puffing.[10][11] After Link defeats any of the nearby enemies, Boldon will reward him with a meal.[12][13]

Tears of the Kingdom

Boldon can be found walking between the Bedrock Bistro and the YunoboCo Mineral Market. He doesn't recommend that Link travel alone, especially near Goron City. Ever since Cooke started feeding everybody Marbled Rock Roast, they have started slacking off and acting wierd.[14]

He mentions that the Eldin region has ascended from a big empty slab of volcanic rock. It now houses Cooke's Bistro and Mine-Cart Land. This, along with the very cheap gems, has Boldon conclude that Eldin is now a great place where one can have a great time.



  1. There's a noticeable difference in the heat to the east and west of this dividing line. If you go as far as the Woodland Stable, it's just too chilly for us Gorons! - Boldon
  2. Goron City's great-everyone should visit it at least once in their lives! But even the greatest cities have their problems... - Boldon
  3. Hey there! I'm Boldon, Goron City's ambassador of tourism! Goron City is hot, but that's just the way we like it! It's not a dry heat, though. It's more a burn-you-to-a-crisp heat! Be sure to pack some fireproof lizards if you're planning a trip. - Boldon
  4. The air in Goron City can burn you to a crisp, so make sure you bring some fireproof lizards with you. - Boldon
  5. This heat is nothing to us Gorons, but I guess it's pretty bad for a Hylian, huh? - Boldon
  6. If you can't wrangle any fire-resistant clothes, you can get by with some fireproof elixirs. You can make one by cooking a fireproof lizard with a...wit a, um... Oh, boy...with something else. - Boldon
  7. Hah... Goron Hot Springs just soothe the soul. Try them out for yourself. Turn south when you hit Goron City. - Boldon
  8. We've had fewer visitors to the Goron Hot Springs recently, and it's all thanks to that sweltering, ugly thing! - Boldon
  9. Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain... The roads around here can get pretty dangerous for travelers! - Boldon
  10. *huff...* *huff...* Ugh... - Boldon
  11. Come 'n' get me... - Boldon
  12. Guess I should take monsters a bit more seriously, huh? I would have been a goner had it not been for you! This is for you. Take it-it's yours now. - Boldon
  13. OK, I'll admit...some monsters can be pretty scary when they get serious. You really helped me out of a jam! This is for you. Take it-it's yours now. - Boldon
  14. "You traveling alone? I don't recommend it for a Hylian especially. This might sound strange comin' from a Goron, but you really oughta stay away from Goron City right now. Cooke, who's normally a nice fella, has been turning Hylians away from his bistro. And all the workers over at YunoboCo have been slackin' off and eating these weird rocks... I heard things had gotten bad at home, so I rushed back. Turns out everything I'd been hearing was true..." — Boldon, Tears of the Kingdom