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Travels the road between the South Akkala Stable and the East Akkala Stable


Boldon (brother)

Naddon is a Goron in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Naddon is a traveling Goron will adventures between the South Akkala Stable along the path to the East Akkala Stable. Although despite traveling on this path, he seems confused as to which stable is which.[1][2] He is the brother of Boldon, another traveling Goron who can be found patrolling between the Ternio Trail and the Foothill Stable.[3]

Naddon talks about his Goron diet, of which he loves to eat rocks. Although he's not much of a fan of ore.[4] Some of the rare rocks, in particular the ones that sparkle, sell for a high price, and Naddon encourages Link to sell those ones.[5][6][7][8] Naddon talks about some of the more valuable ore that are gems. He hates the taste of them, but they do sell for quite a lot of money.[9][10]

Naddon will talk about his home town of Goron City, which is located on Death Mountain. He describes it as a rough journey to get there, but it has some great shops, making it a great place to visit.[11] He also talks about the Goron Hot Springs, a famous spot on Death Mountain. Although the road around it is quite dangerous the mountain is crazy hot.[12]

Throughout his journey, if Naddon is confronted by enemies, Link can defeat them, which Naddon very much appreciates. He will reward Link with some sort of meal, which could include a Tough Elixir.[13]

Due to her hair reminding him of a gemstone, Naddon decides Laroba, the Gerudo woman who travels along the same road, is pretty.[14][citation needed]


  1. There's East Akkala Stable and also South Akkala Stable... But which one is which? - Naddon
  2. East Akkala Stable... South Akkala Stable... I get those two mixed up! But I know I'm definitely on my way to... Erm... Heh, actually I dunno! - Naddon
  3. I know my brother, Boldon, is off travelin' somewhere. If ra run into him, I'd love it if you'd stop and chat a bit! - Naddon
  4. We Gorons live on rocks! YUMMM! Ore, on the other hand... Nah. I'd sell that before I ate a single bite! - Naddon
  5. Rocks are a stable food of a healthy Goron diet. That's why I always wonder whether to sell rare rocks or eat 'em! - Naddon
  6. If ya have any ore ya don't need, it's a good idea to sell it at a shop. The sparklies go for a high price! - Naddon
  7. When I find an ore deposit, I have at it! The sparklies that come out of 'em can be sold at a high price! - Naddon
  8. You can sell your ore for a high price! If ya find ore deposits while travelin', I suggest ya get into the habit of mining 'em! - Naddon
  9. You can find gems inside treasure chests and ore deposits. They taste awful, so I tend to sell 'em. - Naddon
  10. There's some particularly valuable ore out there. They're called gems. - Naddon
  11. Goron City is in Death Mountain to the west of here. The journey there's rough, but there are lots of great shops. I'd love for you to pay a visit sometime! - Naddon
  12. The Goron Hot Springs are a famous spot, but the road there is dangerous, and Death Mountain is crazy hot. If you descide to go, just know that you're risking your little Hylian life! - Naddon
  13. Thanks, brother! Phew, that was close! It's not much, but this is for you, brother. - Naddon
  14. The Gerudo woman who came from the Gerudo region... She was so pretty! - Naddon