Ancient Tree Stump Cave

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Ancient Tree Stump Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The tree stump cave is found beneath the Ancient Tree Stump. It is a massive vertical cave, with large tree roots found throughout, which act as ramps that Link can climb. There are tons of small nooks throughout the cave, which contain various cave goodies such as Brightbloom Seeds, Brightcaps, and Bomb Flowers. Once Link drops into the cave, the only way to easily exit is by either warping out, or by using Ascend.

The Bubbulfrog in the cave can be found in the main chamber, near the bottom of the cave.

Fierce Deity Boots are available in a treasure chest, deep within the cave. If Link drops down to the very bottom of the cave and then climbs up the small root that is heading southward, he'll find a clearing that is blocked off by small vines. Slash away with the sword and head through. Scale up a series of steep roots in this area and eventually slash another set of vines to reach the chest. The Fierce Deity Boots will have a base defense of 3, but will also give Link some Attack Up strength.


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