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Akira Himekawa



Akira Himekawa, also known as or published as Himekawa Akira or 姫川 明, is a collaboration name by two authors, A. Honda (本田A, Honda A) and S. Nagano (長野S, Nagano S).[1] Together this pair is collectively known as Akira Himekawa and have authored most of The Legend of Zelda Manga.

Akira Himekawa has authored Manga for eight Legend of Zelda games, starting with the Ocarina of Time Manga. Of these eight initial Manga books, two of them are broken up into multiple volumes, including the Ocarina of Time Manga and the Four Swords Adventures Manga. A Skyward Sword-inspired short manga was also included in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia. An extended adaptation of Twilight Princess began publication in 2016, and reached volume 10 in 2021.


Honda A:
Birth Date: June 19
Favorites: Fruits, Godzilla, "Terminator"
Childhood: When she was a kid, she used to play with boys. She wanted to be an animator.

Nagano S:
Birth Date: May 5th
Favorites: Miso Soup
Childhood: She started to draw manga when she was 11 years old, Her dream was of course to be a Manga artist![1]

Listing of Manga Books

Other Zelda Contributions

  • 2005 - Nintendo Dream Magazine Feb 2005 Issue
  • 2011 - Nintendo Dream Magazine Jan 2012 Issue
  • 2011 - Hyrule Historia

Additional Artwork

Akira Himekawa has also created some Legend of Zelda artwork on commission, with permission from Nintendo. A gallery of such work can be seen below. Some of these pieces had the commission go towards Earthquake fundraising in Japan.[1]

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