The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Plus (Manga)

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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Plus (Manga)
English standard edition covers



¥510 (Japan)
$7.99 (U.S.)

Release Date

Volume 1
Japan September 28, 2004
North America August 4, 2009

Volume 2

Japan May 27, 2005
North America October 6, 2009



Japan Flag Shogakukan, Inc.
USA Flag Viz Media LLC


Himekawa Akira


Himekawa Akira



Volume 1 - 190 pages

Volume 2 - 172 pages


18 x 13 x 1.8 cm


Volume 1
Japan Flag ISBN 4091496067
USA Flag ISBN 1-4215-2332-9

Volume 2

Japan Flag ISBN 4091496075
USA Flag ISBN 1-4215-2333-7



The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Plus is the official manga for Four Swords Adventures. It is written and illustrated by Akira Himekawa, the same artist who made many of the other Zelda mangas. It is in black and white with some pretty nicely illustrated drawings. It is divided into two volumes and 12 chapters. The plot in manga more or less follows the storyline from the game. There are, however, some notable differences from the game and they are shown below. The Omake is an added bonus that was included in the second volume.

This first volume of this manga was released in Japan on September 28, 2004, and the second volume was released on May 27, 2005. The series was published in English in 2009 by Viz Media in North America as Volumes 6 and 7, respectively.

Alternative titles

  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
  • Zeruda no Densetsu Yottsu no Tsurugi Purasu (Japanese)
  • ゼルダの伝説 4つの剣+ (Japanese)


Volume 1

Link, now a Hylian Knight, serves Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle. When Shadow Link kidnaps Princess Zelda, Link once again must prepare himself to defeat the forces of evil. To do so, he needs the legendary Four Sword, but getting it means releasing and then battling the ancient evil power Vaati. The Four Sword also splits Link into four different versions of himself, and these new Links aren't team players! Rescuing Zelda, beating Vaati, and getting his wild alter-egos under control isn't going to be easy!

Volume 2

The Green, Red and Blue Links reach Death Mountain, where they challenge Shadow Link and Violet Link in battle. Then, inside the Fire Temple they learn a terrible secret about the Dark World and the evil power behind Vaati. To defeat this great enemy, the different colored Links must find a way to become one again in order to harness the power of the Four Sword!


Volume 1

  1. "The Four Links"
  2. "Hyrule Castle Falls"
  3. "Erune and Rosie"
  4. "The Separated Links"
  5. "The Pyramid Struggle"
  6. "The Temple of Darkness"

Volume 2

  1. "Climb Death Mountain"
  2. "Sad Shadow Link"
  3. "Next Stop, the Wind Palace"
  4. "Duel with Father"
  5. "The Invincible Vaati"
  6. "The Four Sword Lives forever"

Differences Between the Game and the Manga

  • Link's father is shown in the Manga.
  • Vaati disguises himself as Zelda.
  • Shadow Link helps the other four Links defeat Ganon.
  • Green is shown battling the Big Dark Stalfos Bosses.
  • The Dark Cloud section comes after the Palace of Winds.
  • Ganon is battled on top of the Tower of Winds rather than in the basement.
  • The four Links were separated twice in the Manga when in the game they were never separated.