Hello everybody and WELCOME to Zelda Dungeon’s MUSICAL MARCH MADNESS. The premise is simple: 64 songs will go head to head in a series of single elimination matches, with the winner advancing to the next round, until there is only ONE song left standing that can be called the Greatest Zelda Song Ever. This post will be updated DAILY with new match-ups, so make sure you bookmark it. Polls will last 24 HOURS, STARTING AND ENDING AT 5 PM PACIFIC / 8 PM EASTERN, at which point the song with more votes advances to the next round. Before we get started, here are a few details:

THE BRACKETTo see the full bracket, click here.

THE RULESAdditional rules and announcements post here.

THE SCHEDULEView a schedule of match-ups here.

2018’S LISTThe Top 50 Zelda Songs as voted by the ZD team last year.

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With that being said… let’s get down to it!

Congratulations to Gerudo Valley!

The sweeping epic from Ocarina of Time was dominant from start to finish, beating Dragon Roost Island, Ocarina of Time’s Title Theme, Midna’s Lament, Ballad of the Goddess, Farewell Hyrule King, and Maiden Freed to claim victory! Thank you to everyone that voted and participated in the tournament! If you have any comments, feedback, whatevever, feel free to keep commenting below! Now for a bit of fun…


Here is a final ranking of all of the songs, from first place to last! These should really be taken with a grain of salt, as I use extrapolated statistics to judge how well a song would do ageist the eventual winner and rank them that way (so basically think, if Dragon Roost Island got 40% against Gerudo Valley, and Hyrule Castle got 45% against Dragon Roost, this formula would apply to see what Hyrule Castle would get against Gerudo valley in a hypothetical matchup); there are a few flaws with this though – it’s strictly a percentage based formula and doesn’t take into account the number of votes a song receives, and for it to work, it assumes that the ‘strength’ of a song in a poll will always be consistent and not fluctuate based on which song it is facing – basically, it probably doesn’t mean much, but it is fun to see!

Check out the final ranking here!


And now for some interesting stats (if there’s anything else you think of, let me know!). Keep scrolling to the bottom for a special announcement!

Highest Vote Total: Gerudo Valley vs Dragon Roost Island – 727

Highest Single Vote Total: Gerudo Valley (vs Dragon Roost Island) – 445

Biggest Loser: Maiden Freed – 3.45%

Strongest Song To Not Win A Matchup: Kokiri Forest

Weakest Song That Won One Matchup: Kakariko Village

Weakest Song That Won Two Matchups: Final Hours

Only Game To Go Undefeated in Round 1 – Skyward Sword




… and now time for that announcement! I had so much fun with this concept, and everyone embraced it so much, that I didn’t want to wait another year to do it all over again. To that end, I give you…

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and let’s get hyped for Fall Brawl (and no – there will be no Link, no Zelda, and no Ganondorf allowed)! Until then!

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