Welcome Zelda Dungeon faithful to the Best Zelda Music Ever List!

You might recall a few months ago, we gathered the writing staff here at Zelda Dungeon and tasked them with ranking the Zelda games, in order of their favorite to least favorite. Well, to give Music Week the grand send off that it deserves, we’ve taken that idea and pushed it to the next level.

This time, not only the writing staff, but every member of the Zelda Dungeon team, from writers to social media coordinators to streamers and everyone in between, was tasked with submitting their Top 10 Zelda Music tracks. Points were assigned based on that list – 10 for the first overall pick, 9 for the second, etc.

What we came up with was a wonderfully diverse list of iconic Zelda tracks, tunes that maybe slip under the radar, and easy listening from start to finish. Although you could probably make a list of the Top 500 Zelda songs of all time, we decided to narrow it down to only 50.

So without further ado… take a look at Zelda Dungeon’s Best Zelda Music Ever List as well as some fun stats for you all to see.

50. Majora’s Mask – Oath to Order
49. Link to the Past – Kakariko Village
48. Legend of Zelda – Underworld
47. Phantom Hourglass – Linebeck’s Theme
46. Ocarina of Time – Kokiri Forest
45. A Link Between Worlds – Hilda’s Theme
44. Twilight Princess – Save Ilia
43. Breath of the Wild – Mipha’s Theme
42. Twilight Princess – Midna’s Theme
41. Majora’s Mask – Termina Field
40. Twilight Princess – Sacred Grove
39. Ocarina of Time – Hyrule Field
38. Link to the Past – Dark Death Mountan
37. Ocarina of Time – Temple of Time
36. The Wind Waker – Outset Island
35. Skyward Sword – Romance in the Air
34. Link to the Past – Ending
33. Ocarina of Time – Spirit Temple
32. Breath of the Wild – Beast Ganon
31. Majora’s Mask – Song of Healing
30. Link’s Awakening – Tal Tal Heights
29. Ocarina of Time – Kotake and Koume
28. Majora’s Mask – Final Hours
27. Ocarina of Time – Zelda’s Lullaby
26. Link’s Awakening – Ballad of the Wind Fish
25. Ocarina of Time – Song of Storms
24. Twilight Princess – Hidden Village
23. Breath of the Wild – Main Theme
22. Link to the Past – Credits
21. The Wind Waker – Molgera
20. Ocarina of Time – Forest Temple
19. The Wind Waker – Wind Waker Credits
18. A Link Between Worlds – Lorule Castle
17. The Wind Waker – Farewell Hyrule King
16. Twilight Princess – Hyrule Field
15. The Wind Waker – Great Sea
14. Legend of Zelda – Title Theme
13. The Wind Waker – Legendary Hero
12. Majora’s Mask – Stone Tower Temple
11. Link to the Past – Dark World
10. Adventure of Link – Great Palace Theme
9. Ocarina of Time – Title Theme
8. Skyward Sword – Ballad of the Goddess
7. Majora’s Mask – Clock Town
6. Skyward Sword – Fi’s Farewell / Gratitude
5. Ocarina of Time – Gerudo Valley
4. Breath of the Wild – Hyrule Castle
3. Spirit Tracks – Overworld
2. The Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island
1. Twilight Princess – Midna’s Lament

Game with the Most Songs on the Top 50 – Ocarina of Time (10)

Game with the Most Songs that were nominated – Breath of the Wild (15)

Games that didn’t have a Song in the Top 50 – (Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, The Minish Cap, Four Swords Adventures, and Tri Force Heroes)

Songs with the most First Place Votes – (TIED with 3 – Stone Tower Temple from Majora’s Mask and Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild)

Team Member with the Best Picks – Michaela El-Ters had 6 of the Top 10 on her personal Top 10 list.

What do you guys think? Agree with our list? Did we leave out any of the favorites? Let’s talk music in the comments below!

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