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Aster (Daughter)

Medda is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Medda is a resident of Hateno Village where he lives in the home right next door to the Ventest Clothing Boutique with his daughter Aster.

Medda wakes up bright and early at 5am each morning to go work at his farm located just behind his house. He spends the entire day at the farm, not returning home until after 9pm.[1][2]

Medda is a bit more talkative at night time when he sits down. He welcomes Link to his home, but questions why he is at his home at such an abnormal hour.[3][4] Medda is observant of the town and finds that the way the owner of the Kochi Dye Shop talks to be funny, as well as the way that Seldon runs around town.[5] After he sits down, takes off his hat, and rests at the chair right beside his daughters bed, he will eventually fall asleep in the chair, despite having an open bed nearby.

The Spring of Wisdom

Main article: The Spring of Wisdom

Medda is infatuated with Mount Lanayru and the Spring of Wisdom. He mentions that Princess Zelda once visited the spring for purification. He notes that it is currently engulfed in ice and that there might be treasure up there.[6] This will being a Shrine Quest titled, The Spring of Wisdom.



  1. Awwwww... Guess it's time to knock off for the day... ...Uh-oh. Someone heard me talking to myself. Oh, well. If you want to talk, come find me when I get settled. Not a good walk-and-talker. - Medda
  2. *yawn* Hm... I'll stay up and watch my daughter sleep... Uh-oh, you again. If you need to talk to me, just give me a chance to park myself, OK? I think better when I'm not moving. - Medda
  3. Oh, hey! Traveler, right? Welcome! Or that's what I WOULD say... This is pretty abnormal hour for official welcoming, though. - Medda
  4. Well... I guess it's OK this time, but... I don't really have any welcome gossip... No real "talk of the town," per se... I guess I could give my personal highlights? - Medda
  5. I guess if I had to name attractions... I'm partial to the funny-talking guy at the dye shop or Mr. Seldon's running... Guess a running man isn't an attraction... Oh, but we have a view of that famous mountain to the north, Mount Lanayru. - Medda
  6. Yeah, Mount Lanayru's interesting... The Spring of Wisdom the princess of Hyrule used for purification is said to be somewhere on that mountain. A special fountain? That the princess had to endure hardship to visit? I bet the royal family left a treasure there! ...Well, at least maybe they could've. I would've if I was royal. Anyway, Mount Lanayru is a mysterious place, and it's engulfed in ice. If there IS treasure, no one's getting it. Well...if you have some time to kill, feel free to have a look around up there. - Medda