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This article is about the child from Breath of the Wild. For the enemy from Age of Calamity, see Astor.







Medda (Father)

Aster is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Aster is a resident of Hateno Village where she lives in the home right next door to the Ventest Clothing Boutique. She lives with her father, Medda, who is one of the farmers in town.

Aster loves to dance and will perform for Link, asking if Link knows the particular dance that she is doing.[1] She has interest in the carpenter Bolson and one of the dances is based around him.[2] She seems invested in trying to get Bolson to show off his dance to Link.[3] Whenever Link stops talking to Aster, she will refer to Link has being lame.[4]

After waking up each morning at 8am, Aster will run across to the east side of town where she will continuously run in circles just in front of The Great Ton Pu Inn. Aster will remain outside for almost the full duration of the day, returning home just after 8pm each evening where she will head to bed.[5]



  1. Hey, hey, hey! Have you seen this one? Ba, ba, ba Bolson... - Aster
  2. You still don't know the Bolson dance? How uncool! All right, I'll teach you, but you gotta pay attention, OK? - Aster
  3. Have you seen that carpenter behind the general store? I actually heard...he's not a carpenter but a construction company... I don't really know how that's possible, though... Whatever he is, I want you to get Bolson to show you his dance! - Aster
  4. Whatever! You're lame. - Aster
  5. I'll be in trouble if I don't get home soon. Bye-bye! - Aster