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Blaino's sprite from Link's Awakening


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Blaino is a character who appears in both Link's Awakening and Oracle of Seasons. He is a round creature who uses boxing gloves to knock his enemies back.


Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Blaino is one of the mini-bosses of Turtle Rock. His gloves completely block Link's attacks in the front, so Link must hit him with his sword from behind. Blaino leaves himself open to damage after using a powerful dash forward, which, if it hits, can send Link back to the entrance of the dungeon. He also has the ability to stun Link with his punches, which can leave him helpless as Blaino dashes toward him and sends him flying away. After he is defeated, a portal to the entrance appears in addition to a Fairy. In the next room, Link can obtain the Magic Rod if he has found the hidden room with a switch and activated it previously to knock down the barrier in front of the rod's Treasure Chest.

Oracle of Seasons


Blaino lives in his gym in Spool Swamp in Oracle of Seasons. He took Ricky's boxing gloves.[1] Link can fight against Blaino without using any Magical Rings or other weapons besides his fists for 10 Rupees, but if he cheats the bet goes up to 20 Rupees.[2][3] Once he defeats him, Blaino pronounces Link the new champion and gives back Ricky's gloves.[4][5]


  1. "Link! Wow! To think we'd meet here! Spool Swamp is my backyard. If you go south from here, then around and back up, there it is. I'd go with you, but I can't do a thing without my gloves... A guy named Blaino took them when I lost a match to him." — Ricky, Oracle of Seasons.
  2. "I'm da legendary champ, Blaino! You want somt'in'? Den earn it in da ring! Will you bet Rupees? :›OK ›Nah" — Blaino, Oracle of Seasons.
  3. "Hyuh, hyuh! You'll learn... Lissen up! We trade punches 'til one of us gets knocked outta da ring. And no items! If you break da rules once, da next match is for 20 Rupees. And no rings! Only fists! Got it? :›Got it No" — Blaino, Oracle of Seasons.
  4. "Hyuh!!! I lost! Yer fists are golden, kid! You da new champ! Here! Take dese." — Blaino, Oracle of Seasons.
  5. "You got Ricky's Gloves!" — In-Game Description, Oracle of Seasons.