Blaino's Gym

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Blaino's Gym

Blaino's Gym is a house in Oracle of Seasons that belongs to Blaino. It is located in North Horon just south of the Natzu region.

If Link travels west of North Horon to the Holodrum Plain, he will find Ricky. Ricky is a bit down on himself since he lost his gloves to Blaino.[1] Link will need to use Ricky to traverse across the Holodrum Plain so he'll need to get the gloves back from Bliano.

When Link arrives at Blaino's Gym, he can challenge Blaino to a boxing match. It will cost 10 Rupees to challenge Blaino, and during the fight, Link can use nothing but his fists. If he attempts to use any items, including any Magical Rings, he will be disqualified and forced to pay 20 Rupees as a penalty. If he wins, he will get Ricky's Gloves.

After Blaino has been defeated for the first time, Blaino will refer to Link as the champ, but will still offer to fight him. The price to fight is 10 Rupees, but Blaino offers a price of 30 Rupees as a reward.[2]



  1. "Link! Wow! To think we'd meet here! Spool Swamp is my backyard. If you go south from here, then around and back up, there it is. I'd go with you, but I can't do a thing without my gloves... A guy named Blaino took them when I lost a match to him." — Ricky, Oracle of Seasons.
  2. "Yo, champ! You come to fight? Da purse is 30 Rupees." — Blaino, Oracle of Seasons.