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Zyle is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Zyle can be found on the roadside, along the Gerudo Canyon Pass road, between Mount Nabooru and the Koukot Plateau. He is stranded here as he was attacked by monsters and his horse ran off. He is in dire need of a horse in order to continue his travels.[1]

Good-Sized Horse

Main article: Good-Sized Horse

When Link first speaks with Zyle, this will begin the Good-Sized Horse quest. Zyle is willing to pay Link 300 Rupees if he's willing to give him a horse.[2][3]

Link will need to either get a horse from one of the Stables, or catch a horse out in the wild. The horse doesn't necessarily need to be registered or fully tamed in order for Zyle to make the purchase. If Link has a horse with him that he doesn't want to sell, Zyle is understanding, but hopes Link can come back with a different horse.[4] Even after Link agrees to sell the horse, Zyle wants to make sure Link is okay with it, as the deal is final once it is made.[5]

As agreed to, Zyle will give Link a Gold Rupee, worth 300 rupees as fair payment for the horse.[6][7] This will complete the quest and Zyle will begin to ride off in the direction of the Gerudo Canyon Stable.[8]


  1. Hey, hey, I sure wasn't expecting to meet anyone out here... Maybe this is just the upturn in luck I needed! Yeah, so yeah, I'm a traveler like you... And I was attacked by monsters in this very canyon... That's when my partner, that's to say, my horse, ran off. And hey, I've been stranded here ever since. All I need is a horse to continue my travels... A horse... A horse... If I just had a horse! - Zyle
  2. So that horse... Hey, I know this is asking a lot! But could I buy that horse for 300 rupees? - Zyle
  3. Ohh! HEY! That horse... It's just like my old partner! Talk about a fine horse... Think I could have this horse? I'll pay you 300 rupees for it, what do you say, hey? - Zyle
  4. Heyyyyyy... Heyyyyy... Hey, OK, I see... I mean sure, after you went to the trouble of catching this horse and all... I get it. But if you find a horse you don't mind selling, please bring it to me, hey? Even a wild horse is fine! Just, please! - Zyle
  5. Heyyyyy, really?! You know this is for keeps, right? - Zyle
  6. Hey, yeah, thanks so much! Here's the 300 rupees I promised you as fair payment for this horse! - Zyle
  7. Hey, hey! I'm making this horse I bought from you my new partner! My new best buddy and traveling attendant! So off we go, me and my partner! May we all have good travels! - Zyle
  8. Be sure to say hello if you see my on your travels! - Zyle