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I'm Mark (but I go by Hal), and I'm a writer for I write editorials for the site (supposedly) multiple times a month. I also organize the ZD Top 5 every other week. My schedule can be a bit erratic, but I love writing Zelda stuff and do so when I am able. My favorite game in the series is A Link to the Past, but my favorite game ever is Super Metroid. Other favorites of mine include Dishonored, Bioshock, anything Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and Mario Galaxy. Much to the dismay of the legions of potential girlfriends that one might imagine being a writer for a Zelda fan site would garner, I am in a serious relationship with my Super Nintendo.

Here is a list (with links) of editorials I've written for the site, with the most recent article at the bottom:

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