Tough Monster Curry

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Tough Monster Curry

"Grants a low-level defense boost. This unusual take on curry uses monster extract and doesn't rely only on spices."

— In-Game Description

Tough Monster Curry is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. When eaten, Tough Monster Curry grants a temporary defense boost, in addition to restoring a variable number of hearts. Cooking under a Blood Moon may increase this effect.

It can be made in a lit Cooking Pot using any "Tough" ingredient, Hylian Rice, Monster Extract, and Goron Spice. Leaving out the Monster Extract and using only the "Tough" ingredient will make other dishes such as Tough Mushroom Rice Balls (Ironshroom) or Tough Veggie Rice Balls (Armoranth).

Note that Monster Extract randomizes the strength and duration of effects from dishes it is added to, along with the number of hearts recovered, so the results of the cooked dish can be unpredictable beforehand. If a fifth ingredient with a different effect is added, the effects will cancel out and leave the result as plain Monster Curry or similar once cooked. There is no benefit to cancelling out effects in this manner.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
Ironshroom.png Any "Tough" ingredient
Hylian Rice.png Hylian Rice
Monster Extract.png Monster Extract
Goron Spice.png Goron Spice

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