Tough Veggie Cream Soup

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Tough Veggie Cream Soup

"Grants a low-level defense boost. This creamy soup showcases the sweetness of vegetables in a veritable taste explosion."

— In-Game Description

Tough Veggie Cream Soup is a Meal that Link can cook in Breath of the Wild. It can be cooked over a Cooking Pot, and requires specific ingredients to make, listed below.

Tough Veggie Cream Soup is a specific variety of the Veggie Cream Soup that requires a Fortified Pumpkin, Fresh Milk and Rock Salt. When consumed, this meal will restore some of Link's hearts, as well as granting a temporary Defense Boost. Link can add a number of ingredients to this meal without changing its name, including adding meat or fish, such as Raw Gourmet Meat or Hyrule Bass. However, if Link adds any ingredient that has an enhancement effect different than a Fortified Pumpkin, such as a Cool Safflina, that effect will cross out the effect of this fortified pumpkin, and Link will instead make regular Veggie Cream Soup.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Icons Quantity
Fortified Pumpkin.png
1 or more
Fresh Milk.png
1 or more
Rock Salt.png
1 or more

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