Tough Creamy Seafood Soup

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"Grants a low-level defense boost. Thick-cut chunks of seafood and stock provide a satisfying savoriness."

— In-Game Description

Spicy Creamy Seafood Soup is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. When eaten, Spicy Creamy Seafood Soup grants a defense boost, in addition to fully restoring Link's permanent Heart Containers. Cooking under a Blood Moon may increase this effect.

It can be made in a lit Cooking Pot using Armored Carp/Armored Porgy, Hyrule Herb, Fresh Milk, and Rock Salt. Either the fish or vegetable can be exchanged for the neutral version (Hyrule Bass/Sanke Carp or Hyrule Herb), or both can if a fifth "Tough" ingredient is used. An Ironshroom cannot be used as the fifth ingredient as it will yield Spicy Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
1 or more
1 or more
1 or more
1 or more

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